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Clients have been photographers, artists, coaches, marketing professionals, podcasters, speakers, authors, and consultants. What business are you in?

The most common feedback I receive from coaching clients and the reason they hired me as their coach, was they can see in me my ability to be creative, innovative, think outside of the box, and soulful about business. While at the same time, I am very strategic, logical, and action-oriented. I guess you could say my style is a healthy blend of left and right brain thinking. 

I offer One-to-One Coaching, Full-Day Intensive Coaching, Group Coaching, Live Event Coaching, A Photography Business MasterMind, and my very specialized LINGO Coaching.


LINGO Coaching

Following the proven 7-Step Secret Language Strategy taught in Jeffrey’s book, LINGO, this is his unique area of expertise.

In just 7 hours, you can define who your ideal customer is, learn how to speak their Secret Language to attract them, and build a brand that speaks only to them. You will stand out from your competition and they will care far less about price.

You can learn how to go from being overlooked to overbooked in just 7 hours.

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One-to-One Business Coaching

Our world needs creative entrepreneurs. Those that transform people and beautify the world, leaving it better than it was before. Uncommon Entrepreneurs living their dream. However, trying to build a non-traditional business–where you are your brand, you’re offering your talent and you create experiences and emotions– in a traditional business environment often results in frustration and confusion. What Jeffrey understands better than most is how to leverage the strengths of the creative thinker as their greatest business asset. Harmonizing the dream and the reality, the mission with the money. Resulting in a prosperous business that frees the creative entrepreneur to be fully expressive in their work, serve their communities well, and thrive with financial freedom.

One-to-One Coaching offers a full year of support customized to suit your style from gradual growth to intense work up front with accountability calls to follow. Includes unlimited email support and a Full-Day Intensive as well (see below).

Your objectives and goals are unique. What needs to be done is done. Your life ignites.

Full-Day Intensive One-to-One

If you are looking for a quick “jolt” to jump start your objectives and dive in deep to get a plan in motion, then a full-day intensive may be just right for you. All plans are taken care of for you. You will stay for two nights at a fantastic spa in Miami Beach on the exclusive Venetian Islands. The first night, you and Jeffrey get to know one another over dinner at one of Miami’s finest restaurants. The second day is a full day of coaching, working, and strategizing while enjoying the picturesque grounds of the spa and Biscayne Bay. During a mid-day break, you are treated to a spa treatment of your choice to rejuvenate for the remainder of the day. By the end of the day, you will have a comprehensive business plan in place for 1-3 years depending on your objectives. One month later, there is a follow-up 45-minute one-to-one coaching call to be sure you are on track.

If you want to get in, get it done, and get going, this is perfect for you. If, after doing a Full-Day Intensive, you decide to get continued support with One-to-One Coaching, your entire investment will be applied towards One-to-One Coaching.

Group Coaching

Coaching Circle is a small group of six entrepreneurs from various industries. This encourages cross-innovation and creative thinking. Each participant commits to a minimum of six months after which time it is month to month. As a space opens up, an invitation is offered to the first person on the waiting list. Never more than 6 people in a circle but there may be more than one circle at any given time. There’s one two-hour call each month and a 45-minute individual coaching call each month. Please use the button below to schedule a strategy session to qualify in order to be put on the waiting list. 

Customized group coaching programs are also available for corporations, teams and groups.  

Dynamic group energy. Individual attention. Commitment to self and others is formed.

Business Breakthrough Live Events

Twice a year– in February and October, Jeffrey hosts a live coaching event for a select group of 12 participants at his home in Miami Beach. The night before, there is get-to-know-one-another dinner at one of Miami’s finest restaurants. The next day is a full-day of coaching. Each participant gets 30 minutes devoted entirely to the business break-through they are looking for. Everyone participates in supporting one another’s break-through as well. So you gain and learn from one another’s objectives. You will find that while your goals may be unique, we share many of the same challenges. Breakfast, lunch, and rooftop cocktails to top off the day are included. A month later, there’s a follow-up 90-minute group coaching call.


Have you considered becoming a coach? Jeffrey takes on just 2-3 apprentices each year and trains them on all aspects of the coaching business. This is a complete and thorough coach training program like no other. It’s hand on, experiential, real-life training. The problem with traditional coach training is while you gain coaching skills, there is rarely any business training. So many people end up graduating from such programs having no idea how to build a coaching practice. With Jeffrey’s leadership you will learn coaching skills first hand by co-leading group coaching sessions and observing one-to-one calls. You will also have the opportunity to get Jeffrey’s feedback with recordings of your own coaching calls. The curtain is pulled back so that you can see behind the scenes of what it takes to build a successful coaching practice from lead generation, enrolling the right clients, a profitable business model, and how to price your services. Upon completion, you’ll not only be a coach, you’ll actually have a working business generating income positioned for expansion.

Photography Business MasterMind

Six months to transform your photography business and change your life. Forever. Based on experience and proven theories to create the changes you want that will work and stick this time. Finally. No silver bullets. The right information, tailored to your needs, and individual support creates sustainable change.

MasterMind offers a new way of thinking, a community of supportive like-minded peers, and training from a master coach and successful photographer with more than 30 years in the photography industry. Two 2-hour group calls and one private coaching call each month establishes a synergistic balance that makes this program unique and highly effective.

Live your passion. Share the experience. Have the business of your dreams.

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Community Leadership

Many of us tend to work in isolation. Solopreneurs, creatives, freelancers. Working virtually.

Then there are those of us that no matter how many people are around, we feel “different.” Or like an outsider.

We all need to feel like there’s a place where we belong.

That’s why as the leader of Creative Warriors, I have created CreativeWarriorsUnite.com and our Creative Warriors Unite Facebook group. Designed to unite the force, so that we, the Creative Warriors, march on to improve the world with our gifts, serve others with all we’ve got and build successful businesses so that we can keep on doing what we do best.