Today, I re-engaged with my meditation practice. As a practitioner of yoga for many years, I used to be pretty consistent with a meditation practice. Or at least able to be in a meditative state pretty easily. But, over the past few years, I have gotten a bit lazy with my practices of yoga and […]

On New Year’s Eve, 2016, in front of an audience of millions, live and on TV, we witnessed the complete failure of a pop icon. One of the biggest selling singers of all time, Mariah Carey, had a complete performance melt-down. This performance was heavily promoted by ABC as the big highlight performance before the […]

“Live for your goals without your goals controlling your life.” Reading that quote, you may find yourself a little baffled. You ask yourself, “How can I think BIG, set goals, and pursue them without giving into them?” Impossible. No. It’s far from impossible. It’s necessary. While on the surface there appears conflict between pursuing goals […]

It’s fair to say that in order for something to move forward, there must be open space in front of it. Like a boulder at the brink of rolling down a hill. It can only gain momentum if there’s space in front of it. The same can be said for our way of thinking. If […]

What keeps you from getting started? What’s holding you back from going to the next level? Or moving on to the next big adventure? Do you have a feeling of not being good enough? A fear of being criticized by others? A desire for perfection and waiting to be “ready” often holds people up. But, […]

Inspiration. Motivation. Optimism. All good things, right? Well, yes and no. While all three can be essential to moving forward, especially for those that are entrepreneurial-minded, it’s equally or more important to be aware that inspiration overload without a solid foundation, i.e., an actual plan for success, can be dangerous. I guess I should say […]

There is an ever increasing number of entrepreneurs that would benefit from understanding that they must trigger prospective customers emotionally in order for them to buy their product or hire them for their services. Tapping into the emotions that solicit a call to action. Since most often our first interaction with prospective customers is on […]

The real you. The authentic you. We are commonly told to be authentic in business today. Especially for those who are entrepreneurial, small business owners and creative warriors, we are told that being authentic is the only real way to create trusting and lasting relationships. And it’s true. In fact, more important than knowing what […]