Are you tired of some customers not being worth your time?

Do you want to know where to find more of your ideal customers?

Are you unsure who your ideal customer is?

Are you uncertain about what makes you unique and who you should be working with?

If you said YES to even one of these questions, learning to speak the Secret Language of your ideal customers will make all the difference!


If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s usually because you’re not speaking to the right people or not saying the right things to the right people. This can be fixed.


In just 7 hours, I can help you define who your ideal customer is and what is unique about what you have to offer. You’ll learn how to speak their Secret Language in order to attract them, keep them, and motivate them to tell others. You’ll stand out from your competition and they will care far less about price.


You can learn how to go from being overlooked to overbooked and have the business you want in just 7 hours.

The Secret Language Strategy

is a proven process based on Jeffrey’s book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible that will teach you how to magnetize your ideal customer and filter out the rest. Every one of your customers will pay off. Every one of your customers will be worth your time. Every one of your customers will pay you what you’re worth. What makes you and your business unique will be clear and you’ll only be working with customers that know you are the right business for their needs.

Whether you have been in business for years or are a start-up, the Secret Language Strategy will change being in business from chasing customers to attracting ideal customers with far greater ease.


7 steps covered in just 7 hours:


  Define who your ideal customer is and the multiple audiences that are opportunities for your area of expertise. No longer a narrow niche; this is an expansive business model generating multiple streams of income.

♦  Understand the mindsets, values, behaviors and perspective of your ideal customer in order to create a brand and business that feels like it’s been built just for them.

♦  Market your business in a way that feels so familiar that they know they have made the right choice doing business with you.

♦  Help your ideal customer make an instant decision to choose you above everyone else.

♦  Learn how pricing can attract customers willing to pay a premium price instead of worrying about scaring them away.

♦  Know exactly what to say in all your marketing materials and on your website that “speaks” to your ideal customer.

♦  Build a brand image and offer services that attracts your ideal customers, develops loyalty, and creates raving fans who are eager to spread the word about your business.

Learn to speak the LINGO of your ideal customer
and you make your business irresistible.

7 one-hour webcam sessions

to be used at your own pace


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One day team workshop

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One to two day workshop

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Just in case you’re not fully committed to the one-to-one process LINGO coaching offers, check out The LINGO Course!