Brand Message Coaching

It's not your job to prove your value to anyone. It IS your job to find the people who already value what you do.

You find your ideal customers with Brand Messaging that speaks their lingo.

Do you even believe it's possible to work exclusively with you ideal customers? You should! It's not only possible, it's necessary! We've been led to believe that 80% of our income should come from 20% of our customers. What that's really saying is that you're wasting your time on 8 out of 10 customers. Who has time for that?! When you're self-employed or a small business, you need every customer to pay off!

The reason you are not attracting your ideal customers is there's a communication gap.

  • A gap between what you think you're saying and how it's coming across

  • A gap between what you're saying and whom it's attracting

  • A gap between your authenticity and how you or your brand is perceived

Either way, there's a gap. When there's a gap in your brand message, you don't get the results you want--ideal customers.

Based on the principles and strategies in my book, LINGO, there are five primary Emotional Triggers that will define your ideal customer and make it clear what you need to say through your brand message:

Perspective- you have to know what the world looks like from their perspective, what they value, and what will trigger them to chose you.

Familiarity- understanding what feels familiar to them, their comfort zone, and where they most feel at home makes them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Style- showing up in a brand voice and style that speaks to them and feels aligned with their style and who they are will make you stand out in a sea of sameness.

Pricing psychology- understanding how they see themselves in the world will enable you to position your business so that they know you are for them.

Speak their lingo- with brand messaging that would inspire your ideal customer to say to themselves, "Wow, it's like you're in my head", makes you irresistible. 

The Solution to Your Brand Message Gap

Two-month one-to-one Brand Message Coaching will close the communication gap and attract your ideal customers.

Our goal is typically to create new brand messaging for your website since that is your most outward-facing marketing vehicle. Research shows that prospective clients come to a 70% conclusion to chose you before they even contact your business. What's informing their decision? Your website!


However, you'll discover the clarity you gain in defining your brand message will help with all marketing, social media consistency, and sales conversations.

We'll begin by considering your values, skillset, ideal business, what's most important to you, and what makes you compellingly unique. Then we define the ideal customer, their needs, multiple audiences, and multiple income streams. What I call the intersection of meaning and marketability.


With a clear brand message and knowing the emotional journey your ideal customer needs in order to choose your business, you will work only with your ideal customers and get the results you want with greater ease.

Investment: $5000

Two 90-minute Discovery Calls; four 45-minute Implementation Calls; unlimited email and text support over two months.


Let's connect to discuss how we accomplish this! 

"Astonishing results! Comparing Q1 last year and Q1 this year- sales increased 33%, average session duration increased 32.13%, average pages visited increased 139% and returning customer rate increased 136%. We’re thrilled to say the least!”–Marlee Waugh Marketing Executor Ogallala Comfort