Case Studies

As I travel the country speaking to companies, I often ask, “What percentage of your customers are your ideal customers?” The average seems to be around 30%. Imagine that. Only 30% of customers being ideal customers. Companies waste far too much time trying to satisfy some customers that will never be satisfied or trying to prove their value to prospective customers to no avail.

The solution is brand messaging that speaks to your specific ideal customer. The goal in business today is not to just stand out. But to stand out to your ideal customer so that your business is profitable, efficient and every, or almost every, customer pays off.

The following are examples of companies I’ve worked with to help them attract their ideal customers. Keep in mind, as a Brand Message Consultant, I am not designing or building the website. It is my job to discover what differentiates the company and to deeply understand the values, priorities, and emotional triggers of their ideal customer. I then connect the dots between what is most unique and marketable about the company and communicate that through a brand message that attracts ideal customers and delivers an exceptional customer experience. I work along side website designers to be sure the determined brand message is conveyed and consistent.

The following examples are primarily of the home page and based on my unique Emotional Journey Website Map. This emotional journey is a proven sequence aligned with buyer psychology and optimal customer experience. It also stresses the importance of taking a website visitor on a complete journey from compelled to contact without ever leaving the home page. This is imperative with 70% or more visitors being on mobile devices who statistically do not visit interior pages nearly as often as on dekstop computers.

It’s about saying the right thing to the right people in the right way. When you do that, it is business-changing.

In all but the first example, there is a BEFORE video or photo
and the RE-BRANDED website to view


OBJECTIVE: To increase sales and attract a younger market.

DISCOVERY: Their products are made with milkweed. Milkweed is breathable which reduces night sweats, is hypoallergenic and environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, milkweed is the only plant monarch butterflies will lay eggs on. This added a signifcant mission component to their products which is a high value for younger, Millennial buyers.

BRAND MESSAGE: Breathable. The products are more breathable, you breathe easier if you have allergies and you breathe better knowing you are saving monarch butterflies.


OBJECTIVE: Increase sales, differentiate themselves from competition and eliminate cost-conscious buyers price shopping on Amazon.

DISCOVERY: Their ideal customers are companies, hospitals and educational facilities that genuinely care about the well-being of their employees.

BRAND MESSAGE: Happy employees are better for the company with increased productivity and decreased absenteeism. Note how much they “own” happy people through the entire site.


OBJECTIVE: Change this very corporate looking website into something that feels much warmer and compelling.

DISCOVERY: The firm had a niche amongst contractors. We expanded on that to include other lifestyle businesses and their services. They even changed their company name to express their newly expanded services and mission!

BRAND MESSAGE: That small business owners should be respected and supported for the impact they have on their communities and everyday lives of the residents.


OBJECTIVE: Rediscover and convey the passion of this accounting firm.

DISCOVERY: They had always specialized in accounting services for landscapers. Wanted to expand to include interior designers. Challenge became how to connect these two diverse audiences.

BRAND MESSAGE: Financial protection and security for those who protect and beautify the biggest investment in people’s lives. Their home.



OBJECTIVE: To create a more attractive website making better use of the available space. Note how much wasted space there is on original website.

DISCOVERY: This founder is brilliant and a very strategic thinker in a way that can really help others find their way.

BRAND MESSAGE: It is possible to live your purpose and be productive as well as profitable. That success is mindset and strategy.


OBJECTIVE: To bring some life to this otherwise boring website that was not at all reflective of the founder. They had a great name, OhMy!ROI, but no personality or meaning on the website.

DISCOVERY: Founder wants to do more than bookkeeping. She wants to guide business owners to a happy life.

BRAND MESSAGE: That hard working business owners should get the life they want out of the business they put so much life into. Return on LIFE Investment.