Small Business Coaching

Do you feel like you're all over the place?

Think you have all the pieces but frustrated you're not taking off?

Wondering why you're marketing isn't working or launches fall flat?

There's a reason and a solution.

The reason is there's a gap in your business that right now is keeping it from all coming together and from you feeling you have the thriving business you want.

There's also a good chance you are pretty happy with your business and life. But you know you could be HAPPIER.

The root of almost every business problem is a gap. For example, the reason you aren't attracting your ideal customers is there's a communication gap (see my Small Business Branding services). The reason someone objects to your prices is a value gap--you haven't helped them see the value is greater than the cost.

The gap in not getting everything you want out of your business is not having everything in place.

That's why I help self-employed and small business owners to create a healthy... Self-Employed Ecosystem.

Based on principles and strategies in my book, The Self-Employed Life, a healthy and thriving Self-Employed Ecosystem consists of:

Personal Development- increase your capacity for the success you want. Removal of mindset blocks, stepping into all that you deserve, abundant and unlimited thinking, and being clear on your direction and intentions.

Business Strategies- right-sized for small businesses that are relationship-based, not transactional. There's no doubt you're a hard worker and action-oriented. But all effort without effective strategies and the personal development to handle it is what keeps you feeling like you're working really hard but hardly getting ahead. Or ahead as much as you'd like.


Daily Habits/ Consistent Mindsets- create a steady and solid foundation. Uncertainty in an uncontrollable world is to be expected when you're self-employed or a small business owner. The key is not to get derailed and that's what daily habits that create consistent mindsets offer.




My three-month one-to-one Small Business Coaching program brings it all together. 

With more than 12 years of coaching experience and over 1000 hours of training, you will be supported to get clear on what you want to change, where you want to go, and remove any limited thinking and potential blocks in the way.

We set up effective and efficient daily habits that are right for you. Consistent 15-minutes-a-day habits that can change your life. We establish those early so you have my support while working together.

Then we get down to business. Literally. I bring 36 years of experience to the table and we'll look at every aspect of your business to see where there are gaps. Is it the business model structure? Pricing? Brand message? Services? Website? We'll prioritize what needs to be done and get to it!

In the end, you will have a healthy Self-Employed Ecosystem ready to work for you so you don't have to do all the work.

Investment: $7500

Two 90-minute Discovery Calls; seven 45-minute Implementation Calls, unlimited email and text support over three months.

Let's connect to discuss how we accomplish this!

 “I had a big ah-ha within the first fifteen minutes of working with Jeffrey. It had been many years since I had used a coach. To be frank, I had not found a lot of success with a few coaches that I hired in the early days of my self-employed life. I’m not sure why coaching didn’t work for me, nor did I try very hard to figure it out. Instead, I muddled through mindset alone. After I met Jeffrey I was intrigued by his way of thinking and without a lot of contemplation I reached out to engage in a coaching relationship with him. The impact has been amazing"-  Laurie Guest, CSP Professional Speaker and Author

"When Jeffrey explained his concept of the self-employed ecosystem, I felt myself let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding. And I began to embrace rather than fight against the natural rhythms and realities of self-employed life. I saw the interconnection between my capacity to grow my business and my personal development more clearly than ever before."-  Marissa Polselli, Writer, Founder, WordTree LLC