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Do you want to attract more ideal customers?

Do you feel like you have all the pieces but it’s not all working?

Do you feel like you’re not getting the core value of your business across?

Are you lacking direction or it’s time for a reinvention?

If you said YES to even one of these questions, learning to speak the Secret Language of your ideal customers will make all the difference!


If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s usually because you’re not speaking to the right people. Or you’re not saying the right things to the right people.


In a market that’s noisier than ever, with consumers having less attention, and more than 70% of views of your brand on mobile devices, your front-facing branding–that instant impression, is more important than ever. You need to let prospective customers know what your company stands for, whom your business is suited to serve and in a way that’s so compelling you have their attention within seconds. Brand message and image has never been so important.


Make Your Message Marketable


What’s unique about LINGO Branding is that it’s about more than brand image and brand message. The goal is to figure out what is most marketable about you and your business and build a brand that attracts your ideal customer. To understand what the end sales goal is so the branding can lead your ideal customers to where you want. Great branding leads to profitable sales. Easily.


For years, customer acquisition has been based on demographics, buyer personas, and avatars. No longer enough to earn their trust and business, customers want to feel like you and your business “get” them. When you do, you will attract the most profitable customers and create excellent customer retention.


LINGO Branding will help you get clear on what is unique about what you offer, define your ideal customer, and create a brand strategy to connect with them. You’ll learn how to speak their Secret Language in order to stand out from your competition, you’ll create a raving fan base and be able to charge a premium price.

Measurable Results


“My average session duration has gone from 1 minute to 5 minutes 15 seconds so a huge increase. People are definitely staying on my site longer and reading the content and watching videos which is really promising. My bounce rate has gone down 28% which is just amazing. It has never been so low, and my user base has gone up.” —Sarah Baldwin Pro Makeup Artist, Scotland


“Astonishing results! Here are the comparisons between Q1 last year and Q1 this year!
Average session duration increased 32.13% (from 34 to 45 seconds)
Average number of pages visited increased 139.68% (from 1.5 to 3.6)
New users increased 416.87% (from 3711 to 19,181)
Number of overall sessions increased 413.18% (from 4112 to 21,102)
Sales increased 33%
Online conversion increased 224%
Returning customer rate increased 136%


We’re thrilled to say the least!”
–Marlee Waugh Marketing Executor Ogallala Comfort

The Secret Language Strategy

is a proven process based on Jeffrey’s book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible that will teach you how to attract your ideal customer and filter out the rest. Imagine bringing together all the pieces that have seemed to be all over the place, having a clear direction for your business, and the confidence that comes with clarity to gain more clients and close more sales. The result is every one of your customers will be worth your time. What makes you and your business unique will be clear. Your brand message will stop your ideal customers in their tracks and you’ll have control over your business.

Whether you have been in business for years or are a start-up, the Secret Language Strategy will change being in business from chasing customers to attracting ideal customers with far greater ease.

♦ Define who your ideal customer is and the multiple audiences that are opportunities for your area of expertise. No longer a narrow niche; this is an expansive business model generating multiple streams of income.

♦ Understand the priorities, values, behaviors and emotional triggers of your ideal customer that makes them feel like your business was built just for them.

♦ Help your ideal customer make an instant decision to choose you above everyone else.

♦ Learn how pricing can attract customers willing to pay a premium price instead of worrying about it scaring them away.

♦ Know exactly what to say in all your marketing materials and on your website that “speaks” to your ideal customer.

♦ Increase customer retention and create raving fans who are eager to spread the word about your business.

♦ Design your products and services to make them crave what you offer.

Learn to speak the LINGO of your ideal customer
and you make your business irresistible.

Entrepreneur Virtual

  • A complete audit of your website
  • 3-hour Deep Dive Call
  • 4 45-minute action step calls

One-Day Workshop

  • A complete audit of your website
  • A full day workshop including workbook
  • 45 minute follow up call in 30 days
  • Location of your choice (travel not included) or Miami

Corporate Program

  • 90 Day Program
  • Pre-workshop call 30 days before
  • Full day workshop including workbook
  • 4 45-minute action step calls over 8 weeks