LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible

Why I wrote LINGO for you

At the end of each interview on Creative Warriors podcast, I ask each guest a series of four questions. Two of the questions are the same each time. The first of which is, “What drives you crazy?”

I ask this because I find most people are driven to do what they do because there’s something they want to change, a problem they want to solve or something they want to prevent others from having to deal with.

My reasons for writing LINGO are no different.

First and foremost, I am driven by a passion for service-based businesses and entrepreneurs to be the change-makers in the world. We are on the front line, interacting with the general public every day. Experiencing business development and personal growth at a rapid pace because of the stretch we are taking by being in business in the first place. As service-based businesses and entrepreneurs, we are poised to positively impact the world around us like no other in my opinion. So let’s get it right and make it a meaningful connection that brightens our customer’s lives and compensates us substantially every day.


25-99   30% Discount

100-499   35% Discount

500-999   37% Discount

Secondly, out-dated business advice drives me crazy. What worked 20, 10, heck, even 5 years ago may not work today. To say nothing of the fact that so much of business is transactional and commodity-based. Service-based businesses are relational and must fight against becoming commoditized. So, of course, we need a different way of doing business than what we see around us. The concepts and strategies in LINGO are a different way.

Thirdly, the fastest way to a profitable business is to only work with your ideal customers. No more taking whatever work you can get and not getting paid what you’re worth. Once you’re stuck in that loop, it’s very hard to get out of. This is entirely how I built my highly specialized photography business for a very specific audience. Why wouldn’t I share my most coveted secret to success?

Lastly, and oh does this drive me crazy. It seems we live in a black and white world. Is your book a business book or a self-help book? Do you want curly fries or waffles fries? (You’ll understand that when you read LINGO). I wanted to write a book for success. YOUR success. What is required for success is:

  • proven marketing and branding strategies that work
  • correct mindsets that remove blocks that are in your way
  • daily practices that create a positive flow

So LINGO is not a business book or a self-help book. It’s a book that will help service-based businesses and entrepreneurs be successful.

Get LINGO. Let me know your thoughts and stories of what happened in your business and life as you applied what is taught. Reach out to me personally at .

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