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You may be in business FOR yourself,

but you’re not in business BY yourself.

Recent Podcasts


Apr 17, 2024

939: How To Make Your Customers Feel Great About Their Decision

Want another way to stand out, be exceptional, and separate your business from everyone else?


Apr 10, 2024

938: Coline Monsarrat – Closing the Gap: From Imposter Syndrome to Authenticity

In this episode of The Self-Employed Life, I had the privilege of speaking with Coline Monsarrat, a passionate author who shared her...


Apr 3, 2024

937: Legacy: A Connection to the Past, Future, and Your Customers

If you're anything like me, maybe you've thought about legacy as what you leave behind. Sure, it is that. But legacy is also your link to...

“The podcast is like a mentoring program on the go, but with many tools and resources to go back to and help you succeed. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey Shaw!”
– Edu Aedo

Podcast Guest Appearances

Jeffrey is a frequent guest on podcasts. If you're interested in inviting Jeffrey to be on your show, please contact

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