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You may be in business FOR yourself,

but you’re not in business BY yourself.

Recent Podcasts


Nov 29, 2023

919: Heidi Gardner – Transform Your Business with Smarter Collaboration

If you're a regular listener to this show or have read my book, Lingo, you're well aware of the importance I place on the energy of words...


Nov 22, 2023

918: What Does The World Need Next?

Find out how this question, "What does the world need next?" can be one of the most important questions you can ask yourself in your...


Nov 15, 2023

917: Jane Frankel – Intentional Thinking for Lasting Success

Intention. Often spoken about, especially amongst more introspective and passion-driven business owners such as us, but how many of us...

“The podcast is like a mentoring program on the go, but with many tools and resources to go back to and help you succeed. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey Shaw!”
– Edu Aedo

Podcast Guest Appearances

Jeffrey is a frequent guest on podcasts. If you're interested in inviting Jeffrey to be on your show, please contact

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