Whether your objective is to educate and entertain an audience, improve your company, or make your entrepreneurial dreams come true, below is an overview of the services I offer that could help you meet your objectives. Let’s get on the phone to discuss your particular needs.


My talks are designed for attendees to take action by providing shifts in thinking and specific action steps. I want to help you help them. As a collaborative effort, we can make a big difference in their businesses and lives.

As your speaker, it is my goal to confirm that you made the best choice for your event. I actively engage with your audience before, during, and after the event. With more than 100,000 social media followers, an engaged community and a podcast that reaches 30,000 people a month, I will be an active participant in promoting your event.

For more information, please click here for my speaking page. Let’s have a call so that I can get clear on your needs. Each talk is crafted to speak the Lingo of your audience and to make your event truly memorable.


On-site full day branding and marketing workshops with executive, marketing and sales teams. We’ll look at your business from top to bottom including a brand audit, customer psychographics, marketing plan and materials, customer journey, internal systems and sales strategies to position your business to attract your ideal customer, maximize profits, and increase customer retention.


One-to-one coaching to improve the marketing of your business, strategize a business plan, find a new career direction, or get an existing business back on track. The results are unique because my training as a coach combined with branding expertise and a highly intuitive nature enables me to find what’s most brandable in you. Then create a plan to connect you with the customers who see the value in what you offer.

Project length can vary from six-months to one year, a full-day in-person, or a single in-depth three-hour call to evaluate a problem and create an action plan to fix it.

Many entrepreneurs find my specialized LINGO Branding extremely beneficial to get clear on their business direction, define their ideal customer and create a brand message and image to attract their ideal customers. Click here for more information on LINGO Branding.