Small Business Consulting

It’s important to walk your talk. If we have the good fortune to work together, there are three things I would stress to grow your business:

  • Be clear on who you are meant to serve. These are your ideal customers.

  • Share your unique perspective on what you do. Those that are fascinated by your unique perspective will be drawn to you.

  • Deliver a service or product that is needed. This is what makes it marketable.

So I share with you my ideal customer, my unique perspective and what I offer for each of my services. If you feel we are aligned, let’s schedule a call to speak further. 

Ideal Customer: 

A self-employed and small business owner who is confident in their abilities and has many of the pieces together to run their business but isn't getting the results they want. Or, needs to change their business in ever-changing times.


A business owner who wants to step back from their business, assess where there are gaps and develop themselves personally to create better alignment and harmony in the entire ecosystem of their business to gain a more productive and profitable business.

My Unique Perspective:

The myth of self-employment and small business ownership is that while we choose to be business owners to control our destiny, we exist in what seems like uncontrollable circumstances.


The solution to this problem is for the business owner to develop personally to unblock mindset obstacles and increase their capacity for success plus have business strategies that are effective for their size business.


The result is an entire ecosystem consisting of personal development, marketing, branding,  workflow strategies and efficient daily habits that create sustainable success.


A three-month coaching and consulting program to develop a healthy ecosystem of your business.


Includes three 45-minute video calls per month, a workbook and unlimited text and email support.


Three primary areas of development will be covered:

Personal development to gain clarity of direction and unblock mindset blocks.


Business development which includes discovering what makes your business marketable, defining your ideal customer, LINGO branding of website, creation of a lead magnet, product/service development, marketing and business model.


Daily habits will also be formed to sustain the success you create.


Attention will be paid more or less on the different areas depending on the individual needs of your business.

 “I had a big ah-ha within the first fifteen minutes of working with Jeffrey. It had been many years since I had used a coach. To be frank, I had not found a lot of success with a few coaches that I hired in the early days of my self-employed life. I’m not sure why coaching didn’t work for me, nor did I try very hard to figure it out. Instead, I muddled through mindset alone. After I met Jeffrey I was intrigued by his way of thinking and without a lot of contemplation I reached out to engage in a coaching relationship with him. The impact has been amazing"-  Laurie Guest, CSP Professional Speaker and Author

"When Jeffrey explained his concept of the self-employed ecosystem, I felt myself let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding. And I began to embrace rather than fight against the natural rhythms and realities of self-employed life. I saw the interconnection between my capacity to grow my business and my personal development more clearly than ever before."-  Marissa Polselli, Writer, Founder, WordTree LLC

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