Speaking your ideal customer’s LINGO is an actionable strategy to attract your most profitable customers, retain raving fans, and grow your business.

Anything but ordinary….

Learning to speak a customer’s secret language–their “lingo”– allows companies and entrepreneurs to form a meaningful bond with their ideal customers to increase customer acquisition, improve customer experience and ensure sustained customer retention. 

Having been the go-to portrait photographer for more than 34 years for the likes of sports legends Tom Seaver, Pat Riley, news anchors Jim Nantz, David Bloom, supermodel Stephanie Seymour, C-suite executives from Anheuser Busch, Twitter, and Wall Street leaders too many to mention, Jeffrey brings an innovative and fresh perspective to branding through the lens of a portrait photographer.

“If a business just sees the customer in front of them, they create a snapshot– a buyer persona, an avatar, a target market. If a business truly sees the customer, the way a photographer sees their subject, they create a detailed portrait of their ideal customer.”

If you want a speaker who is highly engaged with your attendees before, during, and after your event, Jeffrey is your choice. Each talk will be customized to speak the lingo of your audience and can be adapted as a keynote, breakout session, or workshop.

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For Marketing and Sales:

Speak Your Ideal Customer’s LINGO: Transform your marketing, increase sales, and create raving fans

The future of marketing and sales is more deeply understanding your ideal customer’s values, priorities, and emotional triggers. Buyer personas, avatars, and demographics will not be enough. In other words, you must speak their Lingo.

After this presentation, your audience will know:

•  How to more accurately define their ideal customer
•  A proven 5-Step Strategy to build the brand message and image that speaks the Secret Language of their ideal customer that is adaptable to any business in any market
•  How to maximize profits by attracting multiple audiences of ideal customers

For Leadership and Culture:

LINGO Creates a Culture: Unify your team, magnify your brand voice, and increase brand consistency 

Exceptional customer experiences begins with a unified team. The strongest teams are those that understand the brand personality, the voice of the company, and the Lingo of the ideal customer.

Your audience will learn:

•  How to create a brand identity and Lingo that is clear across all teams
•  How to turn each team member into your businesses strongest advocate
•  Systems to create a consistent and repeatable customer experience

For Innovation and Change:

The Future is LINGO: How To Stay Relevant and Profitable in a Changing World

Many service-based businesses feel like they are under siege. Being commoditized by a public thinking everyone is the same in their field. Struggling to get paid what they’re worth in a competitive market. Feeling threatened by ever-changing technology.

After this presentation, your audience will understand:

•  How to stand out in a noisy market and be seen by the most profitable customers
•  How pricing creates perception and positions any business in the marketplace
•  How the advancement of technology creates an opportunity to provide the human connection that customers crave

Turn the experience into a tangible take-away

Bulk orders of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customers Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible are available so that attendees have a tangible take-away of their great experience. For orders of 500 or more, book cover customization is available. Fewer than 500 can be personalized with a corporate or event logo sticker.

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