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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Who this is for:

Small businesses today end up having to hire several people for specific tasks and goals. What every self-employed and small business owner also needs is a coach that is going to guide them, keep them going in the right direction, hold it all together, and provide the right strategies to meet their goals.


Perhaps you're an experienced business owner that wants to go to your next level or is frustrated you're not getting the results you want. Or maybe you want to leave the corporate life for the self-employed life because you desire more purposeful work at this stage of life and want to get there as quickly as possible.


What you need is someone who gets you, knows your goals, and keeps you on track to fulfill your life's dream.


The problem it solves:

One of the core challenges of being self-employed or a small business owner is we are pulled in many directions. Even more so today because we tend to hire specialists to meet single objectives in our business. That is often the correct strategy but the problem is that often leads to feeling like we're all over the place or not efficiently getting to where we want to go.


Transitioning from corporate to self-employment comes with its own set of challenges. You want to get to the work you really want to do asap but do it smartly.


Having the right one-to-one coach keeps you on track, helps makes sense of the confusion, and provides smart, strategic ideas for your business. My coaching style is not passive, leaving up to you to find the answers. I guide, direct, point and bring out more in you than you ever thought possible.

The service:

Six months one-to-one coaching which includes three 45-minute calls per month with unlimited email and text support.

As highly customized coaching for all areas of your business and personal development, our work together will be designed specifically for your needs.


You can expect our coaching to include mindset work and personal development, business model, brand message, marketing, sales, workflow, and lifestyle daily habits that will keep you on track. Your ideas, needs, and challenges are unique and so will be our coaching together.


With plenty of guidance and accountability in all areas of your self-employed life, you will be set up for your future success.


"Jeffrey helped me find and fine tune my voice. Both the outer voice that helps me speak confidently about my company and my brand, and also the inner voice, the one that tells me I’m powerful beyond belief, but too often gets shut down by my critic. He helped me tame the critic, take back my power, and put myself out into the world in BIG ways!"- Natalie Siston, author of Let Her Out and founder of Small Town Leadership

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