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Sell to the Rich

A deep dive into understanding your ideal luxury customer, create the brand messaging to attract them, and develop effective strategies to keep them forever.

This one-month program is designed to build out what is needed for your business to attract and retain your ideal luxury customers using Jeffrey's proven Luxury Service Mindset framework.

In this in-depth process, we will unpack the very heart of what makes your ideal luxury customer tick.


  • Understand what the world looks like from their perspective

  • What they most value today

  • Their lifestyle

  • What their real buying motivation is

  • How they want to be perceived

Equipped with this valuable information, we then develop proven strategies to impress your customers beyond their wildest expectations and create relationships so tight that they will stay your customers forever.

  • Create a Lasting Experience that goes beyond the transaction, beyond the moment of service, to experiences of recalling your business time and again

  • Design an Unbreakable Bond Level of Service that delivers detailed customer service that goes beyond their imaginations and makes your luxury customers feel completely seen and understood in ways they will never forget

  • Ignite a Brand Obsession so profound for your luxury customers they are hooked, devoted, and will never leave 

The final stage is the get the word out there about your exceptional business. 

  • Review the current website

  • Develop a core brand message

  • Create better brand messaging to be sure it's saying the right things to the right people

  • Get clear on your IT Factor- your reason for serving the luxury market that is bigger than the money

What's Included:

  • Four 90-minute video calls

  • One 45-minute one-to-one coaching call

  • Luxury Service Mindset Infographic

  • Individual Sell to the Rich strategy workbook


  • Single business- one-to-one or team $7500

  • Cohort of two or more businesses $5000

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