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12-month business growth and
personal development program
Next cohort
Starts March 2025

First of all, I'm calling this a Mastermind because that's what people know (marketing lesson #1). But really what we've created here is what I refer to as a Collaborative Space. What's the difference you ask?

Like a mastermind, in a collaborative space, we come together with the intention to create something bigger than the individuals. The difference is in a collaborative space, in addition to seeking ideas and solutions that are bigger than we might find on our own, we also come together in the spirit of collaboration with a greater intention to lift everyone up from an expansive and non-competitive mindset. In a collaborative space, while our journeys may be different, it is a collaborative effort to better our world. Care for the individual and the whole like a thriving ecosystem. "Rising tide lifts all boats" as has been said.

We also recognize that as high achievers, there are many natural attributes that contribute to our success. By definition, high achievers are "ambitious, goal-focused, self-disciplined individuals, who are driven by a strong personal desire to accomplish meaningful, important goals." Yet, we also recognize that being a high achiever can introduce challenges such as self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and areas of personal growth to hold all our big ideas. 

In the High Achievers Mastermind we address both the business and the person.

The High Achievers Mastermind Includes:

  • Twice monthly two-hour group Zoom meetings including individual "spotlight" time to gain insights and feedback from your peers as well as individual coaching from me.

  • One 45-minute one-to-one coaching every month

  • In-person four-day retreat in Miami May 1-4 to celebrate National Self-Employed Day (May 4) with a celebratory dinner, a day and a half of coaching with spotlight time for each attendee, a four-hour sunset cruise, and homemade waffles on Sunday.

  • In-person four-day retreat in the fall at a location and time to be decided upon as a group. It will include a group dinner, a day and a half of coaching with spotlight time for each attendee, and activities based on the decided-upon location.

  • Direct access to me for the full year via Voxer for additional one-to-one coaching and support


Miami in-person retreat

Areas of focus:

These are topics likely to be covered but not limited to

  • ​Clarifying a known area of expertise and authority

  • The Expert Business Model and all the parts

  • Defining your services and fees

  • Core message and brand messaging

  • Website, lead magnets, and marketing assets

  • Content creation and exposure

  • Work life/ personal life integration

  • Productivity/ how to work easier for greater impact

  • Launching your next big adventure: speaking, book, podcast, course

  • Marketing and business growth

  • An Impact-Based business model for control and profitability

  • Your clearly defined audience(s) and promise

  • Reaching the luxury market

  • Personal development:

    • “Speaking” your next level into existence

    • The high-achiever challenges: what works for you, can work against you

    • Daily habits to move forward and accountability

  • A defined direction and next steps

  • Setting up for the next stage of life 


$15,000 for twelve months, including all of the above. 

Payment Schedule:

$3000 to reserve your limited seat

$1000 a month for twelve months

I was looking to work through some business challenges but walked away feeling expansive and reconnected to my sense of purpose. Jeffrey curated an eclectic group of heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world and on each other. It was so much fun and inspiring that I didn't want it to end!

Tony Martignetti, Leadership Coach


Here's the blah, blah, blah....

I'm the author of two books, LINGO and The Self-Employed Life, host of The Self-Employed Life Podcast, a TEDx speaker (had the honor of my talk being moved to, a speaker, a former portrait photographer for affluent families, creator of National Self-Employed Day (yes, we have a National holiday in the U.S.), Founder of Self-Employed Business Institute and business coach for the self-employed. I've never had a traditional job and I've never received a paycheck from anyone.

But here's what I really want you to know. Why this mastermind?

With this mastermind, I am leaning into what I know to be true about myself, and where I know I can serve the best. While I enjoy going big and scaling, I am focusing on where I know I serve best with one-to-one coaching combined with a small, intimate group where we can go deep to create the biggest transformation.


I've received over 1000 hours of training as a coach and have been coaching others for 16 years. I became well-known as a photographer because I created deep relationships with an exclusive market. The same is at the heart of my love for one-to-one coaching. Creating the biggest transformation for clients through long-standing, authentic relationships coming from a genuine desire to serve.

This mastermind allows me to do what I do best in service to amazing high achievers out to create the biggest impact through what they do best.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Shaw

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