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Jeffrey Shaw will blow attendees' minds with innovative business and life strategies.

A popular speaker at trade association events, women business owner groups, and high-end masterminds, professionals and small business owners will learn how to gain control over their businesses to get the results they want.

Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

As a thought-leader on the topic of small business and self-employed success, Jeffrey is available to deliver content as a keynote speaker, breakouts, workshops, webinars, as well as written content for your organization. Jeffrey believes in an integrative and immersive approach to applied learning and loves to be a collaborative partner to design precisely what will best serve those you serve.

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The Self-Employed Ecosystem: Three Steps To Gain Control and Grow Your Business 

Why does someone decide to become self-employed? It’s almost always a variation of the same answer. “To control my destiny”. To which I reply, “How’s that going for you?” 


We know how it’s going. We become self-employed to control our future yet enter what seems like completely uncontrollable circumstances. Whether we’re working really hard but hardly getting ahead or we’re overwhelmed with the amount of business, the control we seek seems out of reach.


It turns out, we can gain far more control over our business and life than we may be currently experiencing. We can learn to get more predictable results from our marketing, work only with our most profitable customers, and steer our business and life in the direction we set out to accomplish.


Find out how to gain control of your self-employed business and your life when Small Business Coach Jeffrey Shaw teaches you the Self-Employed Ecosystem. A three-part system that integrates the major elements of being self-employed or a small business owner– business strategies, personal development, and daily habits. A holistic approach to predictable results in an unpredictable world. 


Are you ready to gain control over your business and life and create sustainable success?


  • Learn Hug Marketing, LINGO branding, and a Business Model of Multiples– unique and effective strategies for business growth in ways that feel good

  • Discover the personal development strategies needed to increase your capacity for growth and motivation for change so that all your hard work pays off

  • Gain efficient daily habits that attract more of what you want, bring out your best and create consistency in inconsistent circumstances

Designing Your Self-Employed Life: Build a Business that Supports The Lifestyle of Your Dreams

We go into business for ourselves for freedom, flexibility, and control over our futures. Yet we often end up feeling like we’re trying to fit our life into our business instead of having a business that fits into our life. We keep thinking it will change when we get to some point. It’s true at every stage of business–whether we’re building the business or the business takes off. 


We love what we’re doing but we seem to lose ourselves.


Just imagine it being different. Imagine a business that supports the lifestyle of your dreams. Where every business decision is first a lifestyle choice. Imagine only doing the work that matters most to you with more time spent in your zone of genius. Imagine less tension between your work life and home life without guilt or the feeling that you’re falling short in areas of your life.


Imagine not feeling stretched too far and finding out this feeling of being overwhelmed is actually an indicator that your next level of success awaits you–if you intentionally design the lifestyle you are dreaming of.


Learn actionable strategies from Small Business Coach Jeffrey Shaw to gain control over your circumstances, time to focus on the work you most want to do, set boundaries to improve your performance, and get to have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


Are you ready for the self-employed life of your dreams?


  • Learn a 3-step process to create room for business growth and gain free time

  • Discover the unexpected reason you’re not getting all you want and what to do about it

  • Find out how to get out of feeling overwhelmed and that no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to get to the most important things

Be Irresistible: Brand Messaging that Attracts Ideal Customers (and filters out the rest)

Do you know how we often waste time trying to satisfy some customers that will never be satisfied? Or we chase down potential customers to no avail? Or they demand the lowest price?

Then there are those customers that are a breeze to work with, enjoy the best customer experience, and are often the most profitable. You want more of those customers, right?

​It turns out, it’s not our job to prove our value to anyone. It’s our job to find the customers that already value what we do. The most efficient way to grow a business is to work only with your ideal customers. The ones that value what you do and are the easiest and most profitable to work with. We do that with brand messaging and marketing that speaks the lingo of your ideal customers in order to attract them and filter out the rest. When that happens, your ideal customers feel like you “get” them and they fall in love with your business!

Find out how to have a competitive advantage, increase customer loyalty, and be more profitable from Small Business Coach Jeffrey Shaw by learning to speak the lingo of your ideal customers.

Are you ready to work only with ideal customers?


  • Discover the unusual secret to defining your ideal customer

  • Learn a proven 5-step process to understand the lingo of your ideal customers and how to develop a brand message that speaks to them

  • Identify all the areas of your business where lingo can be applied to attract idealcustomers and improve customer loyalty from the onset!

About Jeffrey Shaw


From humble beginnings, Jeffrey Shaw became one of the most preeminent portrait photographers in the United States. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, in People and O Magazine and hang at Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center.

Jeffrey is a keynote speaker at Association events and conferences such as ImagingUSA, HOW Design, Growth Marketing, and for corporations like Verizon and BMW. He is the author of two books, The Self-Employed Life and LINGO, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and a contributing writer for Entrepreneur magazine. Jeffrey’s podcast The Self-Employed Life is amongst the top 15% of all podcasts. 

He is also the founder of The Self-Employed Business Institute, a five-month coaching and business training specifically for self-employed business owners-- all within the context of a supportive and dynamic community.

"Jeffrey's delivery was engaging and enthusiastic - no small feat for the final presentation at a day-long conference. Our post-summit feedback about Jeffrey's workshop included: "Great speaker," "This workshop included heartfelt, inspiring insights," "Great content." I would certainly invite Jeffrey to speak at future events."

Joanna Wise

Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

Give your attendees a competitive advantage

Every self-employed business owner goes into business wanting to control their destiny yet enters uncontrollable circumstances. They continue to ride the rollercoaster of ups and downs of business, working really hard but hardly getting ahead or feeling like they are fitting their life into their business rather than a business that fits perfectly into their life.

Jeffrey Shaw will help your attendees gain control of their business and life by creating the environment for the results they want. Whether that's attracting their ideal customers, having the right marketing and branding strategies or gaining their life back. That's the competitive advantage they need.

Whether on stage or in a virtual presentation, his talks are artfully presented as you would expect a photographer to do, engaging with compelling stories, entertaining as they should be and poignant when they need to be.

You can expect Jeffrey to be highly engaged with your attendees before, during, and after your event. Quite frankly, it’s just who he is.

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