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Understand the behavior, lifestyle,
and emotions of your luxury buyer
(and sell to them effortlessly)

Create long-lasting and meaningful customer relationships

Speaker Reel

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Help your audience attract their ideal luxury clientele and create the kind of brand obsession that keeps them coming back time and again.

Sell To The Rich


Insider Secrets for Success in the Luxury Market

What does it take to capture the attention of the rich, win their trust, exceed their expectations, and keep them coming back time and again, especially in changing times and volatile markets?

There's no shortage of sales tools and strategies out there. But understanding your customers' emotions, lifestyle, and behaviors will always be more important. Sales efficacy without empathy is a turn-off for the luxury market.


Having been the go-to, family-portrait photographer for the rich and famous for 40 years, Jeffrey Shaw reveals the insider secrets you want to know and gives the final word on who the affluent are, what they want, and how to sell it to them.


As Jeffrey says,


“I don’t just understand this market, I was in their closets.”


With this intimate knowledge of the wealthy, Jeffrey will remove the guesswork from your business strategy and replace what you presume about the affluent with the reality of how their minds work and how they make buying decisions.

In this eye-opening talk, attendees will learn


  • The 5 emotional triggers that get the luxury market to buy,

  • Proven (but not obvious) strategies to create brand obsession and keep luxury clients forever,

  • How intimate details make all the difference in customer experience, and

  • How to leverage changing times and adapt to luxury-buyer psychology.


Fulfill the ultimate potential—and avoid the harrowing pitfalls—of your luxury business by learning to see the world your clients see from the guy who literally built his career capturing it.

Who Will Benefit?

Luxury Service Providers

Luxury Sales Associates

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Luxury Goods Retailers

“Jeffrey Shaw was the #1 rated speaker (out of 15) at ProfitCon. You have a powerful message, Mr. Shaw!”

Mike Michalowicz
ProfitCon founder and host, keynote speaker, author of Profit First, Clockwork, and Pumpkin Plan

Author of Two Trailblazing Business Books 


The Luxury ServiceMindset

Few people I know who serve the luxury market set out to be as affluent as their customers. Most are driven by a desire to put excellence into the world and raise the bar in their industry.

When we don't come from the same world as the high-end clientele we serve, we must adopt the Luxury Service Mindset, which means: 

          1. Not making assumptions about the rich and what they value.

          2. Remembering that belonging isn't about where you come from but who you are.

Regardless of where you started in life, the world of the affluent can become a place where you truly feel like you belong. Never could I have imagined that this kid who came from a middle-class upbringing in upstate New York would feel the greatest sense of belonging moving in the inner circles of some of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world.

But he did. And from that vantage point, I came to see that (a) wealthy people really know where they belong, and (b) they make buying decisions on how they see themselves in the world.


This, then, is the key to your success in the luxury goods and services market:

If you will adopt the Luxury Service Mindset

and if your offer matches how the rich see

themselves in the world, that offer will

become a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Including your boat.

Meet Jeffrey Shaw

From humble beginnings, Jeffrey Shaw became one of the most preeminent portrait photographers in the United States. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CBS News, in People and O Magazine, and in the halls of Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center, and countless beautiful homes across the U.S.

Today, Jeffrey speaks about how to sell to the rich at association events and conferences such as ImagingUSA, HOW Design, Growth Marketing, and ProfitCon, and for corporations like Verizon and BMW. He is the author of two books, The Self-Employed Life and LINGO, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and host of, The Self-Employed Life, which ranks among the top 15% of all podcasts on iTunes. 

Jeffrey is also the founder of The Self-Employed Business Institute, his TEDx Talk is featured on, and he is responsible for the creation of National Self-Employed Day, which falls on May 4th of the U.S. National Calendar and honors the hard work and contribution of independent business owners.


TEDx LincolnSquare

During my talks, I often tell a story about being 23 years old, starting out in the luxury market, and studying the behavior of customers in an exclusive one-of-a-kind department store in NYC.

Wanting to understand the market well, I asked the woman at the gift wrap window if she'd show me how to package a votive candle because I was trying to learn "what rich people like".

She invited me into the backroom of this exclusive department store and showed me how to package the candle beautifully. I have to believe the only reason she took the risk and invited me into the back room was because she saw something in me: my potential and a genuine desire to serve this discriminating clientele.

That moment inspired my TEDx Talk about how people often see more in us than we see in ourselves.


Serving the luxury market has so much to do with working with a clientele that sees us, our full potential, and our genuine intentions, that I have included this talk here to give you a sense of what I'm all about and to help you get to know me a little better. I hope you enjoy it.


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