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Coaching for Business Owners

Do you have a dream that's bigger than your current state?
Are you doing well but know you could be doing even better?
Is leaving your 9-5 to do something more meaningful in your plan?

These are some of the reasons someone reaches out to me for one-to-one coaching. Often without a clear idea of what to do or even what the big idea is for their next step. Or the idea is there but they are seeking support to gain clarity, direction, strategy, and support in bringing all the pieces together. Perfect! Because that's the environment I thrive in.

You are likely success-minded, a visionary, and excited about your potential. So, the ideas are there, no matter how concrete or vague, and you know that having a thinking partner can help you achieve your objectives.

This is the most fertile ground for coaching where the best results are created. It's where what is possible is bigger than what each of us can know right now. But we will find what is possible and implement a plan.

My superpower lies in my ability to see what others can't see. To see the pieces, no matter how complicated or unknown they may be and see the complete picture. That is literally what it means to be a photographer as I have been for 40 years. No situation is too complicated or any slate too blank for me to see what you currently can't see and help you bring it together. Compose the chaos. Create what you desire. See in you what you can't see in yourself.

With over 1000 hours of training as a coach, 15 years coaching others, and 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, I can support you on your journey. Most of my clients are energetic individuals "of a certain age" who don't see midlife as slowing down but rather the beginning of living life to the fullest, making the greatest impact, and doing their more purposeful work. Yet, don't want to waste life trying to figure it all out on their own. They want to get to it! That's why you want to be in the hands of a coach that has experience.

Giving you direction

My approach to coaching is not passive. It's not waiting for you to find the answers within yourself or to figure out your next step on your own. Your growth is your own but my style is to point you in a direction, work together to see what's right for you, gain the clarity you need, and implement a plan to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level, need support to figure some things out, or are considering leaving the corporate life for the self-employed life, I'd be honored to be a catalyst for your future life.

Investment: $15,000 for six-months

One-to-one coaching is minimally a six-month commitment. There are three 45-minute coaching calls per month with unlimited email and text support in between. I work with a limited number of one-to-one clients at a time so please inquire about availability.

Let's connect to discuss your objectives!

Are you thinking about leaving your corporate job to start your own business?

This is one of my specialties.

Download this valuable 12-Month Step-by-Step guide

"Jeffrey helped me find and fine tune my voice. Both the outer voice that helps me speak confidently about my company and my brand, and also the inner voice, the one that tells me I’m powerful beyond belief, but too often gets shut down by my critic. He helped me tame the critic, take back my power, and put myself out into the world in BIG ways!"- Natalie Siston, author of Let Her Out and founder of Small Town Leadership

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