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The Luxury Market From the Perspective of a Preeminent Family Portrait Photographer for Affluent Families

Jeffrey Shaw


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Jeffrey Shaw is uniquely qualified to teach luxury goods and service business owners and luxury brand sales associates how to succeed in the luxury market. Having been the go-to family portrait photographer in the U.S. for very affluent families for more than 40 years, as he says, “I don’t just understand this market, I was in their closets.”


Such an intimate experience in the lives of affluent families affords Jeffrey an insider perspective and a deep understanding of the luxury market that your attendees will greatly benefit from.

Talk Proposal:
Sell To The Rich: Insider Secrets for Success in the Luxury Market

Luxury brand sales associates, luxury service providers, and luxury goods retailers.



What does it take to create such an intimate sales environment where the only answer is "yes" —to capture the attention of the rich, win their trust, exceed their expectations, keep them coming back time and again, and increase sales, especially in changing times and volatile markets?


Having been the go-to, family-portrait photographer for the rich and famous for 40 years, Jeffrey Shaw reveals the answers to all these questions and more and gives the final word on how to speak the lingo of the luxury market like it's a secret language, understand what they really want, and how to sell it to them.

With surprisingly intimate knowledge of the wealthy, Jeffrey will remove the guesswork from how to sell to luxury clients and replace what you presume about the affluent with the reality of how their minds work and how they make buying decisions.

Fulfill the ultimate potential—and avoid the harrowing pitfalls—of luxury sales by learning to see the world your clients see from the guy who literally built his career capturing it.

“Jeffrey Shaw was the #1 rated speaker (out of 15) at ProfitCon. You have a powerful message, Mr. Shaw!”
Mike Michalowicz
ProfitCon founder and host, keynote speaker, author of Profit First, Clockwork, Pumpkin Plan and Get Different

Learning Objectives:

In this eye-opening talk, attendees will learn:​

  1. The 5 emotional triggers that get the luxury market to buy,

  2. Proven (but not obvious) strategies to create brand obsession and keep luxury clients forever,

  3. How intimate details in sales are an important part of customer experience, and

  4. The Luxury Service Mindset to build deeper relationships and eliminate potential friction


Angela Kurkian

Director of Education, ImagingUSA and Professional Photographers of America

Jennifer Clark

Lead Event Strategist at techsytalk

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