Your event may be a tradition, but you want it to be

anything but predictable

This is where Jeffrey Shaw comes in.

Learning to speak a client’s secret language–their “lingo”– allows entrepreneurs and companies to form a meaningful bond with their ideal customer base to increase customer acquisition, improve customer experience and ensure sustained customer retention. In his book LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customers Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible, Jeffrey Shaw presents groundbreaking concepts with specific strategies that can be applied to any business. 

Jeffrey brings his talks to life with his personable storytelling; straightforward yet intimate, friend-to-friend speaking style; and thought-provoking perspectives that spark memorable a-ha moments. If you want a speaker who is highly engaged with your attendees before, during, and after your event, Jeffrey is your choice. 

Each talk will be customized to speak the lingo of your audience and can be adapted as a keynote, breakout session, or workshop.

LINGO: Speak Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language
and Make Your Business Irresistible

The LINGO keynote will be customized to speak the specific language of your industry, event, and attendees. He wouldn’t be walking his talk otherwise!

Jeffrey brings audiences on an engaging tour of the path to secret language fluency:

◊  Understanding how the world looks from the perspective of your ideal market: Learning how to walk “in their shoes.”

◊  Creating an environment online and offline that is familiar to your ideal customer: Familiarity stands out.

◊  Portraying a style that is recognizable to your ideal customer: Style is a decision maker.

◊  Tapping into the power of pricing psychology to attract ideal customers: Pricing creates perception.

◊  Choosing the right words to stand out in a noisy and competitive market: Words are the magnet and filter.

◊  Ditching the old idea of niche and adapting to the New Niche which is expansive, not restrictive: Be the go-to expert.

◊  Replacing the 80/20 rule with strategies to assure that all customers pay off: Business becomes easy.

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Turn the experience into a tangible take-away

Bulk orders of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customers Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible are available so that attendees have a tangible take-away of their great experience. For orders of 500 or more, book cover customization is available. Fewer than 500 can be personalized with a corporate or event logo sticker.

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