KEYNOTE SPEAKER – The Secret Language of Success

The secret is out…

Jeffrey Shaw is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker at creative and business conferences, host of the popular business podcast Creative Warriors, reaching as high as #4 in iTunes, and a featured storyteller on The Moth. For more than 3 decades, Jeffrey has been one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the U.S., photographing the families of such notables as Tom Seaver, Pat Riley, David Bloom, Stephanie Seymour, and C-Suite executives from Twitter, Annheuser Busch, 3M, as well as Wall Street leaders too many to mention. His portraits have appeared on the Oprah Show, in People Magazine, O Magazine, and others.

With a social media following well over 100k and anticipation of his forthcoming book, LINGO, Jeffrey is regarded as a leading voice for the future of entrepreneurship and innovative marketing in a world eager for creative solutions in business.

Keynote – The Secret Language of Success

Speaking the secret language of your target market is more than a concept. It’s a strategy. A strategy, that once applied, makes a business instantly recognizable to the clients you want to reach, makes financial concerns practically irrelevant, and creates a loyal client base.


In this stand-out keynote, Jeffrey covers:

♦  The 5 Strategies of The Secret Language of Success
How to create a Stand Out Brand
The benefits and game plan to only work with your Right Client

Topics include:

◊  Understanding how the world looks from the perspective of your ideal market. Learning how to walk “in their shoes.”

◊  Creating an environment of online and offline assets that is familiar to your ideal market’s current buying patterns. Familiarity stands out!

◊  Portraying a style that is attractive and recognizable for your ideal market that lets them know they are in the “right place” and indicates price point.

◊  Every market and every price point have a particular pricing psychology that conveys right fit or not. Consumers are emotional buyers and pricing creates perception.

◊  Using the right words, aligned with the emotional triggers of your target market is like sending cues. It’s how a business stands out in a noisy and competitive market.

◊  How to carve out a market space that makes you the go-to recognizable expert or business in your field. Within that space, there’s room for more diversification!

◊  The importance of creating a brand image that not only speaks the secret language of your ideal market but communicates it loud and clear when you’re not present.

◊  Crafting a Stand Out Statement™, a compelling short branding sentence of 3-7 words, that is perfectly aligned with the secret language of your ideal market.

◊  How to attract, serve, and maintain a loyal client base that results in every client paying you what you’re worth and every client being worth your time.


Jeffrey Shaw delivers an actionable keynote that will wake audiences up to this unique perspective on how to build a customer-centric business. Not a business that is just based on excellent customer service, but rather a business that is entirely built FOR the specific customer with whom you share a secret language. The topic of Jeffrey’s forthcoming book, LINGO, audience members will be blown away by the simplicity of the secret language concept yet realize they have not been leveraging it in their business. They will learn specific strategies they can apply in their business right away, whether they are a start-up or have been in business for decades. Undoubtedly, they will be moved, challenged to think differently, and inspired, as that comes inherently in Jeffrey’s way of being. If your organization, corporation, university, or event reaches audiences of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those that need creative solutions to the complex world today of business, marketing, and branding, then Jeffrey Shaw is the guy to hire to speak at your event.


I was 23 years old. I had been struggling for 3 years to get my photography business going. Eventually, I realized I was barking up the wrong tree. What I had to offer didn’t match the needs, values, and socio-economic scale of the people in my market. Who did? The affluent market. The problem was I was a lower-middle-class kid. What did I know of affluence and the luxury market? So I did what every entrepreneurial minded go-getter would do (apparently not). I went to Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in NYC. Bergdorf’s, as it’s known, is a one-of-kind exclusive department store that, while welcoming, clearly isn’t designed for everyone. With $20 in my inappropriately casual pant pocket, I found just one thing I could buy. A tiny votive candle. I asked for the candle to be gift wrapped. And what I learned in the back room of Bergdorf Goodman’s gift wrap department that day changed my life and has been the guiding principle behind every business of my own that I’ve built, all the client’s I’ve coached, and the purpose as to why I speak.

What I learned that day was every market has a Secret Language

High-end, low-end and everything in between. The way to be successful in business is to know, speak, and think in the secret language of the market you want to reach. When done effectively, you are only heard by the clients you most want to work with, that are the most profitable, and make being in business a breeze.

Panel Moderator

Lauded by podcast guests as the best interviewer they ever came across, Jeffrey is available to facilitate and moderate panel discussions. Guaranteed to create a content rich discussion with compelling questions that is entertaining and keeps the flow of excitement going at your event. Don’t settle for just anyone who is available. Kick your panel discussions up to a whole new level and leave it up to a professional interviewer.