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You may be in business FOR yourself,

but you’re not in business BY yourself.

Recent Podcasts


Feb 21, 2024

931: The Challenge of Being Chosen

In business, we don't want to searchable or even to just stand out. We want to be chosen. That's what puts money in the bank. However, it...


Feb 14, 2024

930: Jon Ostenson – The Benefits of Franchise Ownership

In over 900 episodes spanning nine and a half years, we've covered an array of topics, but there's one conversation we've never...


Feb 7, 2024

929: How To Create an Unbreakable Bond Level of Service

Customer service is one of the most talked about topics in business. But as small business owners, we are held to a higher standard if we...

“The podcast is like a mentoring program on the go, but with many tools and resources to go back to and help you succeed. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey Shaw!”
– Edu Aedo

Podcast Guest Appearances

Jeffrey is a frequent guest on podcasts. If you're interested in inviting Jeffrey to be on your show, please contact

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