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You may be in business FOR yourself,

but you’re not in business BY yourself.

Recent Podcasts


May 31, 2023

877: Marc Champagne – Personal Socrates: Cultivating Mental Fitness for Success

I often refer to myself as a wisdom junkie. I love a good quote or pearl of wisdom, and it never ceases to amaze me how one thing, one...


May 29, 2023

876: How To Create Opportunities (and Money) Any Day, Any Time

I've been hearing a fair amount of scarcity money mindset lately so I offer a couple of solutions to turn that truck around. It's not...


May 24, 2023

875: Carole Mahoney – Buyer First: The Power of Collaborative Selling

“Before we can have a customer, we must first have a buyer.” That is one of my favorite lines from the book we’re going to discuss today....

“The podcast is like a mentoring program on the go, but with many tools and resources to go back to and help you succeed. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey Shaw!”
– Edu Aedo

Podcast Guest Appearances

Jeffrey is a frequent guest on podcasts. If you're interested in inviting Jeffrey to be on your show, please contact

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