You may be in business FOR yourself,

but you’re not in business BY yourself.

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What Gives You Energy?

As we start each day as busy self-employed business owners with lots of demands on us, we often think about everything we have to give. A...

Todd Henry: Discover How Your Motivation Code Drives You

For my first official episode of The Self Employed Life, I’m very excited to share a life-changing conversation with one of my absolute f...

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“The podcast is like a mentoring program on the go, but with many tools and resources to go back to and help you succeed. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey Shaw!”
– Edu Aedo

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You may be in business FOR yourself, but you're not in business BY yourself. Join the Self-Employed Life Community Facebook group where you can hang out with others on the self-employed journey. Share ideas, get support and learn!

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