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The Self-Employed Life

The Self-Employed Life
Published May 2021

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"The definitive guidebook to being successfully self-employed. You'll return to its wisdom time and time again--guaranteed."-- Leslie Ehm, author of Swagger

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"A book of inspiration and practical tips for self-employed business owners that goes beyond the usual."— Kirkus Reviews            (click here for full review)

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Does being self-employed often feel like a rollercoaster?


Whenever I ask someone why they became self-employed, they always have a slight variation of the same answer. “To control my destiny” or “To gain freedom.” To which I reply, “How’s that going for you?”


I’ll bet you know the answer. You’re probably living it too. The fact is we go into business for ourselves to control our future but enter into what seems like completely uncontrollable circumstances. So many different types of people to serve, the ups and downs of the economy and the occasional crisis in the world. It seems like anything but in our control! Yet, often our lives are dependent on the business we built and “don’t take it personal” doesn’t apply to us. It’s ALL personal in the self-employed life.


In The Self-Employed Life, you will learn that you can have far more control over your business than you previously thought. You will also learn how to manage what you can’t control so that it doesn’t derail you. The key is in setting up the right environment for your sustainable success and happiness with the Self-Employed Ecosystem.


Like an ecosystem in nature, what you realize is that when one part is unhealthy, all parts suffer. The Self-Employed Ecosystem is a three-part system that will guarantee that you and your business are healthy and thriving in all three areas of Personal Development, Business Strategy and Daily Habits. 


This is the book that understands you, your business and your life as a self-employed business owner! Get The Self-Employed Life to learn the personal development, the business strategies and the daily habits that create the sustainable success you’ve been looking for!

LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer's Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible
Published January 2018

Too many small businesses waste far too much time trying to satisfy some customers that will never be satisfied.


In LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible you will learn how to define and attract your ideal customer with a proven 5-Step Strategy to speak their secret language that will make your business irresistible.

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