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Clarity and Strategy Session

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Entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives looking to gain clarity about something.

Perhaps it's your next step. Maybe it's the next big idea. Possibly a core brand message or platform to build your area of expertise.

Jeffrey is highly skilled at pulling out information, connecting dots, curating the information and creating a strategy for your next big move.

Knowing in your gut that there's something more for you but not knowing what to do next or even what the "next" is can be paralyzing and frustrating. 

Jeffrey will see what you can't see, open up your mind to what's possible, determine the intersection of what's meaningful and marketable and help you strategize your next steps.

The power of clarity can't be overemphasized. 

Two 90-minute one-to-one video calls within two weeks. 

Includes call recordings.


$2000 of the fee can be applied towards any other services should you want to continue working together.


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