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Discover Your
Unfair Advantage!

The Exceptional Business Academy

(One-time Beta Version)


After 40 years serving a most discerning clientele, I'm sharing everything I know about sales, marketing, customer service and experience to help luxury and non-luxury businesses stand out and separate themselves from everyone else.

Just like luxury brands have always done.


Now it's your turn to have this

unfair advantage.

Great isn't good enough anymore. To stand out, get noticed, and get the best customers you have to be

What does it take to be an exceptional business? It’s not about getting better at what you do. You’ve got that covered. 


Being an exceptional business is:


  • Raising the bar on EVERY aspect of your business

  • Remarkable, refined, and recognizable branding


  • Being the most authentic person and in completely clean energy (sophisticated consumers will have no less)


  • Systemizing your behavior and processes because you can’t be exceptional just some of the time. You have to be exceptional ALL the time

You've already got a great business. Now you want it to be exceptional.

Stand Out Like a Luxury Brand Even If Your Market is Not. 

What can you expect to upgrade from

  • Know, like, and trust is too low of a bar. Find out what your customers really want.

  • Even excellent customer service isn’t good enough. Find out how to do better.

  • Quality, presentation, and details only impress short term. Find out how to amaze more than impress.

  • Everyone is focusing on the wrong customer experience. Find out what really matters to your customers.

  • Loyalty marketing (if you’re doing it at all)  is minimal effort. Find out how to really keep your customers

  • Business as usual can quickly leave you in the dust. Find out how to stay relevant and a step ahead.

These are the insider secrets you will learn from decades of serving the most discerning clientele to apply in your business to attract more opportunities, stand out above the rest, and do the work that makes you feel RICH and VALUED.


ATTRACT clients who see the exceptional value in who you are and all you offer. Feel CONFIDENT you are perfectly aligned with the right people, doing your best work, and being amply COMPENSATED


This is an exceptional business and THE EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS ACADEMY will get you there in just TWO MONTHS!

Why is this your Unfair Advantage?

"Outwork" is no longer about working harder than everyone else. It's about being among the few willing to do the work to find the exceptional in themselves.

You know how it goes. One hundred people can all learn the same thing and maybe five of one hundred will actually apply what they have learned.

As much as I'd love to raise the standards of all businesses, the truth is very few people will actually do what needs to be done to make their businesses exceptional.

The Exceptional Business Academy is your opportunity to be among the few. Among the few who will know the insider secrets of luxury brands that will make you and your business stand out from all the rest.

This is one of the key secrets of luxury brands. You can't be just the best in your field. You have to be the exceptional choice among all choices.

Being exceptional. This is your Unfair Advantage.

Who is it for?

You’ve already got a business going, whether it’s been 2 years or 20.

You just want to make it even better.


You might be an interior designer, consultant, coach, speaker, landscape designer, jewelry designer, spa owner, massage therapist, or any relationship-based service business.


You’re ready to go from great to exceptional, feel the personal fulfillment that brings as well as see the prosperous business results.


You want to know you are bringing the best of yourself forward and having the most positive impact on others that you can.


How Does It Work?

Two Months  June 27- August 15

  • Eight weekly 90-minute calls

  • One 45-minute one-to-one coaching call

  • Two open creative jam brainstorm calls

Investment   $3000- $5000


$1500 One-Time Beta Version

This is a one-time opportunity

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