LINGO Website Review


With Jeffrey Shaw

Here’s an opportunity to get a complimentary review of the brand message on your website to make sure you are speaking the LINGO of your ideal customers!

Your brand message has to speak on your behalf when you’re not there. Often potential customers are interacting with your brand when you are not present. So your brand message better be saying the right things!

To have a profitable business today, the goal is not to just stand out. The goal is to stand out only to your ideal customers so that you have a business working exclusively with your most profitable customers who are the easiest to work with and enabale everyone to do their best work.

In a complimentary 30-minute review of your website, I’ll show you what could be off with your brand message that could be causing potential customers to walk away. Or possibly, why you’re not attracting your ideal customers. If your website is not generating leads and ideal customers, it’s likely because you’re not saying the right things to the right people.

​​​​​​​You’ll see how critical it is that you speak the LINGO of your ideal customers in order to gain their business!

LINGO Author, Jeffrey Shaw


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Don’t go too far in depth or too long with any of these answers. I need to experience your intended message like potential customers will—very quickly without a lot of time and attention.

The longer is takes you to explain something, the more it means you aren’t clear yet. The less clear you are, the harder it is for someone to make a buying decision. For the sake of this exercise, it’s ok if you’re not clear about whom you are for and what your offer is. Use this opportunity to get as clear as you can.

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