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Strategies, systems, and mindsets to help business owners get back to doing more of what they're great at.


Jeffrey Shaw


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How many people can say they’ve never had a traditional job or received a paycheck?


Jeffrey Shaw can which is what makes him uniquely qualified to teach service-based business owners. 

From family portrait photographer for the super affluent for more than 30 years to Founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute, author of LINGO and The Self-Employed Life, and host of a top-ranked podcast, Jeffrey’s from the trenches style combined with unconventional marketing and business strategies is a welcomed relief for your ready-to-grow and take-action audience.

Talk Proposal:
Rethinking Marketing: Unconventional Strategies to Grow Your Service-Based Business

Home services, personal care services, professional services, creatives, coaches, and consultants


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Why does everyone go into business for themselves? Freedom. Yet they often end up frustrated because they are spending most of their time running their business, marketing to get business, and the least amount of time actually doing what they went into business to do. They end up feeling frustrated, bogged down and kept from the results they want.


It turns out, it doesn’t have to be that way.


In this talk, attendees will learn a three-part framework that will systemize their practices and behavior so they can take consistent action, learn how to attract and work with only ideal clients, and gain clarity on what makes them stand out. 


They can stop working “on” their business, get back to doing more of what they’re great at, grow their business, make more money with less effort and regain the freedom they set out to create in the first place!

“Jeffrey Shaw was the #1 rated speaker (out of 15) at ProfitCon. You have a powerful message, Mr. Shaw!”
Mike Michalowicz
Keynote speaker, author of Profit First, Clockwork, Get Different and others

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn a six-step marketing system and impact-based business model that will make time spent working on the business efficient and consistent.

  2. Develop a core message that when translated into a marketable brand message, provides confidence, direction, and lights a business on fire.

  3. Implement a five-step process to attract ideal clients, repel the rest, and create exponential growth by efficiently working only with the most profitable and easy-to-work-with clients.


Angela Kurkian

Director of Education, ImagingUSA and Professional Photographers of America

Jennifer Clark

Lead Event Strategist at techsytalk

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