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Talking Stick- 10,000 Miles With My Dead Father's Ashes

Daniel Pink - Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing

Talking Stick- Wisdom from Whales and Dolphins

of Reciprocity

Usually on Talking Stick, we talk about business quests. Our guest today, David Galaudet, shares the story of a very different quest. A personal quest that led him on a 10,000 mile journey with his dead father’s ashes. As you might imagine, there are plenty of life lessons to be learned here. All shared with a touch of humor. One highlight is our conversation about what keeps us on a quest when we really have no idea where we’re going or perhaps, even why we’re doing it.


Have you ever noticed that there are times you feel more productive during the day? Ever felt like there are certain hours when your brain just doesn’t work? Well, it’s not all in your head. We all have internal clocks that dictate our body’s functions – and your brain is no exception.


of Reciprocity

I absolutely love this conversation with Anne Gordon! Anne is founder of After years of whale watching tours, interactions with dolphins and guiding her guests to interact with these magnificent creatures, she has compiled a wealth of wisdom from whales and dolphins that we can all learn from. Consider this- whales have been on earth for 30 million years! We humans are toddlers in comparison! This is a wonderful treat!


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