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Talking Stick- In Your Comfort Zone

Ilise Benun - The Niche Debate

Talking Stick- Creating a Killer ABOUT Page

of Reciprocity

Why is it we are often encouraged to get out of our comfort zones but rarely encouraged to get IN our comfort zones? Well, that’s what I’m encouraging you to do during this holiday season. Get IN your comfort zone. Shouldn’t it be about balance? If you’re going to stretch outside your comfort zone, which you will as a Warrior, then it needs to be balanced with being in your comfort zone. What better time of year than this season of tradition, celebration and comfort food. 



So many creative professionals get frustrated with the idea that they need to have a “niche.” We don’t like to feel like we’re being painted in a corner. It can feel paralyzing. We think to ourselves, “Why do I need to choose just one thing!” Most of us are driven by feeling fulfilled by the creative work that we do. We don’t want to sacrifice it for the sake of the business. So how can we find the direction that will make us successful in our work and then focus on it?


of Reciprocity

Not doubt, creating an About page is one of the hardest parts of a website. I share what the objective of your About page should be, what a visitor to your site should be saying in their head as they read it, and some really good tips from a colleague of mine who is helping me with my About page. Be creative, be vulnerable, create a connection, build a relationship and create a killer About page!


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