Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

Small Business. Big Dreams.

Business Strategies and Personal Development for Self-Employed Business Owners

Are you wasting time trying to satisfy some customers that will

never be satisfied? Find out how to attract your ideal customers.

Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

Are you confident in your ability but not getting the business you want?

Do you want a speaker to fill your event with attendees that walk away with actionable strategies, a new way to think and feeling inspired?

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A portrait photographer turned Keynote Speaker?

It’s the most common question I’m asked yet it makes perfect sense to me.

As a photographer, you can't help but see things from a variety of perspectives and see potential for greatness where others do not.

The goal is to create something that moves people and creates an emotional connection.

You see things in pieces but compose them as a whole.

Seeing business through the lens of a photographer provides a most unique experience for attendees at an event. To see the best in themselves, create meaningful connections with those they serve and learn business and personal development strategies to build the business of their dreams. 

Live and Virtual presentations available.

Attendees are often:

Association event attendees

Sales professionals

Marketing and branding professionals

Customer service managers


Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

The Books

The Self-Employed Life

Coming May 2021

Business and personal development strategies that create sustainable success for self-employed and small business owners.



Marketing and branding strategies to attract your ideal customers

One Sunday a month, I host Waffle Sunday at my home in Miami. Friends old and new gather for homemade waffles made from scratch, mimosas and camaraderie. What does this have to do with business you might wonder?


It’s about welcoming people into my home, nurturing relationships and getting to genuinely get to know one another. These are my core values and are the same foundations I believe a successful business should be built on.


Having been a portrait photographer for affluent families for 35 years I have seen first-hand the power of making people feel seen. As a trained coach, I’m able to call forward the best of what my clients are capable of. As a business consultant, I mix together strategies and mindsets like ingredients to make waffles to provide the complete recipe for a successful business.

I’ve actually never had a traditional job. Since the age of 14, I have had to figure out what works, studied people and figured out what emotionally moves them. Today, in all my work, I strive to support businesses to make their customers feel seen, attract their ideal customers and to do their best work. In doing so, they build successful businesses and the lives of their dreams.


It’s more than a waffle. It’s more than a business. It’s about changing lives.

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