Small Business Branding

It’s important to walk your talk. If we have the good fortune to work together, there are three things I would stress to grow your business:

  • Be clear on who you are meant to serve. These are your ideal customers.

  • Share your unique perspective on what you do. Those that are fascinated by your unique perspective will be drawn to you.

  • Deliver a service or product that is needed. This is what makes it marketable.

So I share with you my ideal customer, my unique perspective and what I offer for each of my services. If you feel we are aligned, let’s schedule a call to speak further. 

Ideal Customer: 

A self-employed and small business owner who needs support in getting clear on what is most marketable about them, who they are meant to serve and how best to attract their ideal customer.


Who is frustrated that they know they are good at what they do but don’t seem to be getting their point across.


Who understands that the investment in getting their brand message right will reward them many times over.

My Unique Perspective:

It’s frustrating when someone so hard working has so much to offer and the world doesn’t get it. It’s almost always because of a lack of understanding of their ideal customer and communicating the right message to the right people.

There ends up being a communication gap between what you think you're saying and how it's coming across. You end up attracting the wrong customers or speaking to everyone which results in speaking to no one.


Once fixed, you attract your ideal customers, customers have an amazing experience and the business owner has the success they’ve always dreamed of.


An eight-week program to develop the brand message for your website and all your marketing that will attract your ideal customer. 


We start with a three-hour Discovery Call to align the unique value you bring, who your ideal customer is and the brand message that will compel them.


We follow with four 45-minute Implementation Calls to execute our plan, make changes to your website and plan out your other marketing strategies.


While our emphasis is on redoing your website, the benefit of having a clear brand message is having a platform to stand on which improves your marketing, sales, customer service and almost all areas of business with a clear understanding of what you offer, the problem you solve and who you are meant to serve. And now the world will know it.

"Astonishing results! Comparing Q1 last year and Q1 this year- sales increased 33%, average session duration increased 32.13%, average pages visited increased 139% and returning customer rate increased 136%. We’re thrilled to say the least!”
–Marlee Waugh Marketing Executor Ogallala Comfort

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