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Accelerator Workshops

THE ENTREPRENEUR ECOSYSTEM: Business and Personal Development Strategies for Small Businesses

Ambitious entrepreneurs and independent-minded self-employed business owners who go into business for themselves, always seek some level of control of their future, financial outcomes, and time. Yet with a market that is always changing, economies that go up and down, evolving market values and global crisis, it ends up feeling nothing like control.

When highly motivated people keep applying action and more strategies to an

already overwhelmed situation, they end up working harder to keep up - either to build the business or to keep up with demand. This can cause a critical crack in

their entire business foundation. The solution is to have a healthy ecosystem for their foundation to be built upon. So while continual action is applied, the environment is set to be sure the effort pays off. This takes personal and team development to establish a strong motivation for change and removal of any potential roadblocks, rightsized business strategies that work for relationally based businesses, as well as mindsets and practices to create sustainable success.

The Entrepreneur Ecosystem will address all of these challenges and more with practical, actionable tools and exercises. It will deliver proven, innovative, adaptable, and current marketing strategies to build strong business foundations.

We’ll explore growth-minded systems to prepare for the business to come, help

participants establish powerful daily habits that increase productivity and create an inward flow of concrete abundance. This training also provides invaluable personal and group coaching to realize the full potential of individuals and teams.

The result will be participants who feel in charge of creating a thriving business

ecosystem, the ability to build a business they can gain far more control of, the

discovery of ways to manage what can’t be controlled, and ultimately create an

Entrepreneur Ecosystem that puts everything in place for success.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this training, you or your team will be able to:

• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and organizations

• Define the ‘why’ and motivation that really propels individuals and a team forward

• Remove potential limiting beliefs and roadblocks

• Learn right-sized marketing and business-building strategies that are effective, relevant, and innovative

• How to create sustainable success, fulfill dreams and keep going!

LINGO: Decoding the Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers

Businesses waste far too much time trying to satisfy customers that will never be satisfied, often settling for the long-held (and flawed) belief that 80% of their income should come from 20% of their customers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With LINGO brand message strategies, a business can attract and work almost exclusively with their ideal customers. The customers that are not only the most profitable but also the easiest to work with and enable the entire team to do their best work. This improves profit, productivity, and culture as well as increases customer loyalty and advocacy.

In this experiential and practical workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into the

psychographics of a business’s ideal customers: what makes them tick, how they live, what they value, and what emotionally triggers them. We’ll consider the offer of the business, what makes them unique and a standout for their ideal customers. We’ll identify the business’s unique perspective on how they look at what they do differently than anyone else in their field.

With this foundational information, we’ll apply the five-step strategy of LINGO to combine the emotional triggers of the ideal customer with the unique attributes of the business to create brand messaging that will make the business simply irresistible. We’ll then utilize the proprietary LINGO Emotional Journey Map Structure to work on how specific brand messaging needs to be changed on websites and across all marketing outreach and sales channels.

The results for participants will not only be a clear understanding of what moves

and motivates their high-value customers, but how to continually craft marketing messages that will convince and convert them moving forward.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this training, your team will be able to:

• Identify their ideal customers who are already positioned to value what they offer

• Understand the emotional triggers of their ideal customers to attract them

• Recognize multiple audiences for their offer to diversify income streams

• Learn the up-front brand messaging to say the right things to the right audience across all platforms

• Craft brand messaging that moves prospective customers from consideration to action

• Recognize and focus on their most profitable customers

About the trainings and workshops

These workshops have been designed for accelerators and organizations that support multiple businesses as well as a single company event. 


Presentations are available both live and virtual. 


Workshops can be three hours to three days depending on how deep and customized the objective.

Who should attend:


Will gain valuable information that

will provide important insights into

their intended audience that will save

years of effort and wasted money.

Established businesses:

Needing to reposition their business

in an ever-changing market, shifts in

societal values, and striving to stay


All individuals involved in marketing,

branding and those that interact with

customers on the frontline.


$5000 and up. A quote will be established based on your needs.

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