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The Luxury Market From the Perspective of a Preeminent Family Portrait Photographer for Affluent Families

Jeffrey Shaw


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Jeffrey Shaw is uniquely qualified to teach business owners how to succeed in the luxury market. Having been the go-to family portrait photographer in the U.S. for very affluent families for more than 30 years, as he says, “I don’t just understand this market, I was in their closets.”


Such an intimate experience in the lives of affluent families affords Jeffrey a behind-the-scenes perspective and a deep understanding of the luxury market that your attendees will greatly benefit from.

Talk Proposal:
Behind-the-Scenes Secrets for Success in the Luxury Market

Luxury brands, luxury home services, luxury service businesses, luxury retailers and products. 



The luxury market is unique. Rightfully so, it can be a difficult market to break into as they are aggressively targeted and selective. The competition is often not businesses in the same industry and often, business owners don’t come from the same world as those they serve, therefore there can be an inherent disconnect.


When money is less of a factor in a buying decision, there are other, more important buying triggers at play. Emotions, relationships, image, and how they see themselves in the world. Done well, there is an opportunity to form deep, intimate relationships in the luxury market that will reward a brand or business for many years to come!

Everything you need to know to capture the attention of this highly specialized market, keep clients forever, and grow your luxury service business will be covered in this talk!

“Jeffrey Shaw was the #1 rated speaker (out of 15) at ProfitCon. You have a powerful message, Mr. Shaw!”
Mike Michalowicz
Keynote speaker, author of Profit First, Clockwork, Get Different and others

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the five emotional triggers that gets the luxury market to buy

  2. Gain strategies to break into the luxury market and keep clients forever

  3. Discover the hidden details that make all the difference in customer experience


Angela Kurkian

Director of Education, ImagingUSA and Professional Photographers of America

Jennifer Clark

Lead Event Strategist at techsytalk

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