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Strategies, systems, and mindsets to help luxury business owners, service providers, sales professionals, and wealth advisors stand out, attract ideal customers, and grow their businesses with greater ease.

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For luxury and service businesses, the bar is much higher

The challenge luxury and service businesses face is being a relationship-based business in a transactional world.


Transactional businesses can get away with pretty minimal standards. But when you’re a luxury service business, a service provider, a sales associate for a luxury brand, or work with high-net-worth individuals, the bar is much higher.


  • Know, like, and trust isn’t enough. People have to feel like a business fully gets them and their needs.

  • Customer service is too low a bar. Customers expect a business or sales associate to know what they need more than they do.

  • A brand message needs to be more than the words. It needs to make customers feel like a business is speaking their secret language.

  • It’s not the job of a business to convince anyone of their value. It’s their job to attract the customers that already value what they do.

  • Marketing is not about getting a business seen. It’s about communicating how a product or service supports how their customers see themselves in the world.


The problem is business owners and luxury sales associates often aren’t informed or taught how to do business differently— how to be a relationship-based service and luxury business in a transactional world.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having served a very affluent clientele as a family portrait photographer for 40 years, Jeffrey has come to say "I don't just know this market. I was in their closets". Such an intimate experience with this highly specialized market provides a perspective on luxury and service rarely available. Jeffrey Shaw will provide a behind-the-scenes understanding so your attendees can learn how to attract their ideal customers, build bonds not just relationships, stand out, and grow their business with greater ease than ever before.

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TEDx Lincoln Square

Jeffrey Shaw will blow attendees' minds with innovative business strategies and mindsets.

A popular speaker at association and industry events, service and luxury business owners will learn how to grow their businesses with greater ease than they ever imagined and get the results they have always dreamed of.

Sales associates of luxury brands will learn how their own mindset may be getting in the way of connecting more deeply with their high-end customers.

Wealth advisors will understand their clients better, what they value, what makes them tick and grow their business.

Self Employed Strategist & Speaker | Brand Messaging Expert | Jeffrey Shaw

Having never had a traditional job and running a luxury service business as the go-to portrait photographer for affluent families for more than 40 years, audiences appreciate Jeffrey's intimate perspective and from-the-trenches style.   

Inherently an inspiring speaker (and not one to like labels), Jeffrey says, "I'm not a motivational speaker or a business speaker. My goal is to motivate people to build successful businesses to live the life of their dreams".

As a thought leader on the topic of service-based and luxury businesses, Jeffrey is available to deliver content as an opening or closing keynote speaker, breakouts, and workshops, both live and virtual.


As Founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute, he is also well-versed in creating curriculum and can support your organization with the development of a custom learning and development program as a follow-up to any talk. 

Live & Virtual Talks

Each talk adaptable as an Opening Keynote, Closing Keynote, Breakout Session, Workshop, Learning and Development Program

Ideal for Business Owners Providing Luxury Goods and Services:

Sell To The Rich: Insider Secrets for Success in The Luxury Market

What does it take to break into the discriminating luxury market—to capture the attention of the rich, win their trust, exceed their expectations, and keep them coming back time and again, especially in changing times and volatile markets?


Having been the go-to, family-portrait photographer for the rich and famous for 40 years, Jeffrey Shaw reveals the answers to all these questions and more and gives the final word on who the affluent are, what they want, and how to sell it to them.


As Jeffrey says, “I don’t just understand this market, I was in their closets.” With this intimate knowledge of the wealthy, Jeffrey will remove the guesswork from your business strategy and replace what you presume about the affluent with the reality of how their minds work and how they make buying decisions.


In this eye-opening talk, attendees will learn


  • The 5 emotional triggers that get the luxury market to buy,

  • Proven (but not obvious) strategies to create brand obsession and keep luxury clients forever,

  • How intimate details make all the difference in customer experience, and

  • How to leverage changing times and adapt to luxury-buyer psychology.


Fulfill the ultimate potential—and avoid the harrowing pitfalls—of your luxury business by learning to see the world your clients see from the guy who literally built his career capturing it.

Ideal for Business Owners and Professional Association Members:

Rethinking Marketing: Unconventional Strategies to Grow Your Service-Based Business


Why does everyone go into business for themselves? Freedom. Yet they often end up frustrated because they are spending most of their time running their business, marketing to get business, and the least amount of time actually doing what they went into business to do. They end up feeling frustrated, bogged down and kept from the results they want.


It turns out, it doesn’t have to be that way.


In this talk, attendees will learn a three-part framework that will systemize their practices and behavior so they can take consistent action, learn how to attract and work with only ideal clients and gain clarity on what makes them stand out. 


They can stop working “on” their business, get back to doing more of what they’re great at, grow their business, make more money with less effort and regain the freedom they set out to create in the first place!


  • Learn a six-step marketing system and impact-based business model that will make time spent working on the business efficient and consistent.

  • Develop a core message that when translated into a marketable brand message, provides confidence, direction, and lights a business on fire.

  • Implement a five-step process to attract ideal clients, repel the rest, and create exponential growth by efficiently working only with the most profitable and easy-to-work-with clients.

Ideal for Corporate Leaders and Teams, Business Owners, High-Achievers, and Motivational Events:

Unstoppable You: Manage Self-Doubt to Embrace Your Full Potential

As ambitious individuals driven by success, high achievers often encounter internal obstacles that hinder their progress and prevent them from fully embracing their true potential. Self-doubt may not stop them in their tracks but it is often the cause of a pause that can have significant consequences and cause many to dip their toes in the water as opposed to going all in.


However, when we learn to harness self-doubt, leaders and high achievers can move through moments of self-doubt quicker to overcome these limitations and soar to even greater heights.


This talk will guide attendees through a transformative journey, sharing insights and strategies so they will be equipped with tools to slay self-doubt and unlock their full potential. 


  • Find out how self-doubt is bigger than imposter syndrome and what to do about it

  • Discover the paradox of success: How self-doubt often intensifies as we achieve greater success.

  • Learn 5 strategies to move through self-doubt quicker and get going again


About Jeffrey Shaw


From humble beginnings, Jeffrey Shaw became one of the most preeminent portrait photographers in the United States. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, in People and O Magazine and hang at Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center.

Today, Jeffrey is a keynote speaker at Association events and conferences such as ImagingUSA, HOW Design, Growth Marketing, ProfitCon and for corporations like Verizon and BMW. He is the author of two books, The Self-Employed Life and LINGO, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and Jeffrey’s podcast, The Self-Employed Life, is amongst the top 15% of all podcasts. 

He is also the founder of The Self-Employed Business Institute and is responsible for the creation of National Self-Employed Day on the U.S. National Calendar for May 4th of every year to honor the hard work and contribution of independent business owners.

"Jeffrey's delivery was engaging and enthusiastic - no small feat for the final presentation at a day-long conference. Our post-summit feedback about Jeffrey's workshop included: "Great speaker," "This workshop included heartfelt, inspiring insights," "Great content." I would certainly invite Jeffrey to speak at future events."

Joanna Wise

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Turn the experience into a tangible take-away

Bulk orders of The Self-Employed Life and LINGO are available so that attendees have a tangible take-away of their great experience. For orders of 500 or more, book cover customization is available. Fewer than 500 can be personalized with a corporate or event logo sticker.

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