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829: Drew Plotkin – Be Comfortable in Your Self-Employed Skin

Are you comfortable in your skin? I mean really comfortable? Comfortable with who you are, and what you offer the world? We know that being comfortable with who we are impacts our success – and that’s why in today’s episode, I talk with the almost-completely-covered-in-tattoos Drew Plotkin, successful entrepreneur and author of Under My Skin: Baring It All, One Tattoo at A Time. In this entertaining and inspiring interview, we discuss Drew’s extraordinary professional life, in which perceptions about his physical appearance have given him unique opportunities to subvert expectations. We talk about how being true to yourself and confident in that truth can give you the courage to forge your own path regardless of your profession, and how your own signature style can become a competitive advantage – or even your personal trademark.

DREW PLOTKIN is an Emmy® award-nominated producer and founder of the Launch DRTV agency, where he has created and directed award-winning TV broadcast commercials for major celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo, Dwayne Wade, Kristin Davis, Jane Seymour, Paris Hilton, Drew Brees and more. In addition, he is the founder and CDO (Chief Dude Officer) of the skincare line Derm Dude which produces products specifically for men’s beards, balls, and tattoos. They are the primary 2022 sponsor for NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd. Drew has also co-founded Global Mobility USA, a non-profit that delivers wheelchairs to people in need.

Drew has an engaged audience of more than 56.9K TikTok followers, 20.2K followers on Instagram, and just over 5K loyal email subscribers. He lives in Southern California with his four magical kids and his dog, Rufus.

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Drew Plotkin, thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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