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Jamie Mustard - How To Be an Iconic Brand

In today’s social climate, when consumers are easily distracted and overloaded with content, it’s easy to feel unheard and even invisible. You have to find a way to grasp the attention and understanding of the consumer before they've even had a chance to think. The best way to do so is with a “block” - something simple and easy to understand but attention grabbing and monolithic. From there, this block becomes an icon in the mind of your audience.

You must work on finding the icon within yourself in order to become an iconic brand in the world and ensure that your message isn’t instantly discarded. How do we find the icon within ourselves? Try asking yourself, what is the best of my offering that corresponds to the emotional concern of my audience in relation to my product.

To breakdown how to stand out in a world full of overloaded content - I’ve brought on Iconist Jamie Mustard.

Jamie Mustard is a strategic multimedia consultant, art, design and product futurist, creative artist and Iconist. His passion is to teach the science and “art of obviousness,” helping professionals, change agents, artists, and businesses confidently and at will make their messages, brands and ideas stand out to their desired audiences. Jamie’s Iconist work has spanned some of the world’s leading companies, technologies, artists, designers, creatives, and nonprofits.

Learn how to transform your business into an iconic brand - by downloading this episode now.

You don’t need to be iconic to 7 billion people. If you’re iconic to a thousand people in the world that's enough to be sustainable, whatever active work you're doing.” - Jamie Mustard

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  • The average person is bombarded by about over 15 thousand advertising messages a day, which results in them only partially paying attention.

  • Anything someone can’t understand before they’ve had a chance to think gets instantly discarded.

  • Using blocks ensures that your audience understands you in their lizard brain.

  • A block is an icon waiting to happen - something simple but unavoidable that you can easily and instantly understand, not unlike a road sign.

  • Monolithic repetitive communication is the anatomy of what makes something iconic.

  • It’s important to first find the icon within yourself, in order to make your brand iconic.

  • Repetitive emotional concept is the idea that there is an intersect point between the best you have to offer and the emotional concern of your client.

  • Magnetize attention with oversized and repetitive messages.

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Host Jeffrey Shaw is a Small Business Consultant, Brand Management Consultant, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and author of LINGO and The Self Employed Life (May 2021). Supporting self-employed business owners with business and personal development strategies they need to create sustainable success.


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