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Adam Stones - Establishing Influence Through Communication

What is the best way to build your brand, grow your business, or create change? It has a lot to do with whether you have influence or not. I’m not talking about being an “influencer” or influencing from the outside. I’m talking about what it takes to influence from within with the power of communication. My guest, Adam Stones, is the author of Influence: Powerful Communications, Positive Change, a communications playbook that guides readers through the five traits of influence.

Adam Stones is a writer and communications strategist who makes positive change and has an impact. His work focuses on strategy, brand-building, PR, and content creation. He helps entrepreneurs and changemakers build communication skills to make a more significant impact. He’s a cyclist and dad and who takes that job very seriously. We talk about turning influence on its head by focusing on communication. It’s easy to communicate but hard to connect. Connection is where the real change happens.

We talk about moving from a passive to an active mindset. We touch on the importance of being invested in the future and being powered by purpose. We talk about putting your why into everything you do. Adam walks us through the five core traits of influential communicators. We talk about storytelling and using the AIDA or attention, interest, desire, and action copywriting technique. We also talk about how useful it is to capture your story in a single sentence. Adam touches on his ten golden rules for behavioral change communication, the concept of OSEP or owned, shared, earned, paid, and so much more.

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Adam Stones thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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Host Jeffrey Shaw is a Small Business Consultant, Brand Management Consultant, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and author of LINGO and The Self Employed Life (May 2021). Supporting self-employed business owners with business and personal development strategies they need to create sustainable success.


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