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Ariel Garten - Why You Want To Meditate: The Scientific Benefits

We have the most incredible show for you today. Everybody’s always talking about meditation and how it has helped with focus, mindfulness, and fantastic morning routines. So many of us give it a try for a while then our practice eventually fades away to the back burner. Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist and one of the founders of Muse. Muse is a headband that you wear while meditating. It gives real-time feedback with soft focus and soft birds chirping. When your mind begins to wander, storm sounds start to play.

If you’ve ever questioned the benefits of meditation, this show may change your mind. It must be working for Ariel because she is excited about everything. She says her life is filled with joy, and she works on what she believes in and cares about. Ariel shares her entrepreneurial journey and how the idea for Muse came about. We learn how Muse gives us real-time biofeedback and guides our brain into the proper meditative state.

We talk about the risks of becoming competitive with yourself and how the device overcomes that. There is also an app with charts, scores, and gamification. It also teaches you to be okay with what is and how to become calm and focused. So much thought has been put into the program to lead us to be calm and not over-invested in frustration or rewards. We have to maintain equanimity to move forward with the practice. There are so many benefits to meditation. It even helps keep your brain younger. This show will be interesting to novice and experienced meditators.

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Ariel Garten thank you so much for being here!

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