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Bob Wheeler - Creating a Healthy Relationship With Money

Money is such a huge factor in most of our lives. Some of us have a lot and some not as much, but it’s really how we think about that money that affects our abundance. In other words, there is a lot of emotion tied to money and how we think about it. That’s why today, I have financial expert Bob Wheeler on the show to talk about the emotions behind our finances.

Bob is an accountant and has been on a crusade for personal growth. He noticed that people’s attitudes and their emotions around money had a huge effect on their finances. It’s now his passion to help others gain insights into how their emotions can trigger financial decisions. Bob is the author of The Money Nerve: Navigating The Emotions Of Money. He is the host of the Money You Should Ask podcast and has a new online course called The Emotions of Money.

He also loves satire, stand-up comedy, and mountain climbing. He’s a pretty well-rounded guy, and we have a great conversation about his life as an accountant and what he noticed with his clients' money attitudes and emotions. We talk about the subtle things that can make people feel unworthy and the importance of doing the work. If you want to appreciate what you have, have a better mindset, and move closer to your goals this episode is for you.

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Bob Wheeler thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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[02:17] Bob is super excited about finishing his online course called Mastering the Emotions of Money.

[03:55] Bob was an accountant for 35 years. He noticed that many of his clients wouldn't take the practical sound advice he had been giving them. He realized that we need to get a handle on the emotional component of money.

[07:34] It's never too late to look back at the things we learned when we were young. What did our parents, church, or culture tell us about money? What different choices can we make moving forward?

[10:49] If you're not aware the system is against you, you might think it's you. Subtle things can make us feel not worthy.

[13:49] The first thing Bob asks his clients is if they're willing to be uncomfortable and do the work.

[16:11] Understand intentional spending and what the spending in your business is actually accomplishing.

[18:18] It's more about life work integration as opposed to balance. Are your decisions in alignment with what you want to happen?

[20:25] Start enjoying your life and be excited about what you do now. It's also good to learn delayed gratification and save some of your money.

[24:54] Pay attention to the things you say. Write down three things you've recently said about money. Little adjustments can help us see that we're not victims.

[28:05] Look at what you have instead of what you don't have. There is a correlation between not enough time or not enough money and thinking in those terms.

[29:33] Get clear about what you want and then start breaking it down into baby steps. Come up with blueprints for each of your goals and then continue to evaluate if you still want those goals.

[31:17] Finding intrinsic motivation is about mindset. If you want to save, open a savings account and start with $5. This can help with motivation, because it gets exciting as the account grows.

[35:31] Balancing that scarcity mindset. Be aware and stop and get grounded. Look at what you do have and what you can be grateful for. Focus on your abundance and what you're happy with to see all of the abundance.

[41:10] You have to ask for it. If we don't invite in and welcome what we want and ask for it, we may not get it.

[44:09] Learn what Bob does every morning and more in this Rapid Round!

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