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Codi Shewan - Life and Everyday Legacy

Have you ever thought about the type of legacy you want to leave behind? Have you ever thought about living your life with purpose everyday and living your legacy now? Today, I have a conversation about the impact of your legacy, what you leave behind, and how to live your legacy and purpose now. Codi Shewan is the author of Everyday Legacy Lessons for Living With Purpose, Right Now.

Codi brings such a unique perspective. For years, he was a funeral director. By facing death, he learned lessons about living and life. He's now a speaker, trainer, and consultant whose passion is helping people create impact now and live their best lives and legacies. I love having conversations with people who look at things in a different way. Codi's experience as a funeral director has taught him about living.

He uses some of the things he learned at that time to help people show up powerfully and live their purpose now. We talk about the idea of reframing legacy, the impact you make on the world, and missed moments and regret. Codi says that everyday legacy is how we respond to life's events right now. This information and his unique perspective will help all of us be more present and live our legacy in the current moment.

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Codi Shewan thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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[02:32] Codi is excited about his new book and how well virtual live presentations have been going for him during COVID-19. He can't wait to get back to live presentations.

[04:18] Staring death in the face has taught Codi about living not dying.

[05:03] Codi's book is about how to show up powerful and with purpose right now. He uses some of the constructs that he had during his career as a funeral director.

[07:24] One of the biggest things that Codi was able to reframe was the idea of legacy. Understand how your work impacts those you serve and the impact you make on the world.

[11:44] Missed moments are one of the things people regret the most. Sometimes we are so close to things that our perspective is myopic.

[13:15] When someone dies, the perspective changes immediately. Don't leave yourself left with a one-way conversation.

[15:17] Journeys can have positive outcomes. There's a difference between being present and having presence.

[18:39] A funeral director can create a relationship in a very short time and help families navigate the death of their loved one.

[20:55] What will you be remembered for? What is required to achieve what you want to be remembered for?

[23:26] Share with people what you value about them and their lives.

[28:39] Codi shares the importance of having conversations and interactions to get the best from a person. Enable those around you to have more presence. Micro acknowledgement.

[31:49] Judgment is often from a place of ego. Ego feeds on experience. We have a choice to be judgmental or choose grace.

[33:48] Everyday Legacy is how we choose to respond to life's events at the snap of a finger.

[36:09] Always lean into who you are and your true authentic self. As we age, we start to realize who is really important.

[38:49] Create space for who you are and how to be in this world.

[40:57] We wouldn't be who we are today without the summation or collection of all of our experiences.

[43:07] Codi continues living his legacy in the Rapid Round. Find out his best business tip, what you should make time for, and more.

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