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Jason Dorsey - How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business

No one likes change, but it is inevitable and we must grow and adapt to our every evolving world. Typically, unwillingness to change comes from a fear of learning a new way to do things. For example, adjusting to a smart phone from previous cell phone models took a whole lot of learning; but now they are the most efficient and powerful tool we have. As a business owner, it is absolutely necessary to follow the trends of the generation and, when possible, grow with them instead of trying to catch up.

Generation Z, is the emerging generation that is not only the fastest growing, but the most diverse and influential. Baby boomers, Millennials, and Gen X follow the trends that Generation Z are setting, in business, lifestyle and social causes. This proves that it is now more important that ever to listen and understand the voice of this generation, in order to run a successful business.

To help us better understand the mindset of Generation Z - I’ve brought on speaker and researcher, Jason Dorsey.

Jason Dorsey is a pioneering Gen Z, Millennial, and generations speaker and researcher. He has headlined events around the world, from India, Singapore and Switzerland to Chile and Finland, the UK, and France. He is president of The Center for Generational Kinetics, the leading generational research, strategy, and consulting firm. They have advised on multi-billion-dollar acquisitions and taken clients from last to first in both employee retention and customer growth.

Learn more about how Gen Z is changing the future of business - by downloading this episode now.

“If you're self employed right now, it's critically important to grow with the trends as they emerge and not try to fight them.” -Jason Dorsey

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  • Gen Z is the fastest growing generation and the most diverse.

  • Grow with the trends of the generation rather than playing catch up later.

  • For the first time ever technology trends are being driven from the youngest up to the oldest, when historically it’s always been the opposite.

  • Social causes are extremely important to Gen Z; it's crucial that your values match theirs.

  • Don’t just talk about supporting causes, Gen Z wants to see what you are actually doing to help.

  • Gen Z has the most influence of any generation and now that they understand their power, they are going to use it.

  • Gen Z are thoughtful spenders; they will pay full price if it is a product they know will last and a company they believe in.

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