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Maria Ross - Empathy as an Engine of Success

One of the most human characteristics we have is empathy. Oftentimes you feel the need to change your persona when entering the workplace, being more guarded or less emotional. Large companies rarely give a demonstration of empathy in the workplace, but this can truly be the most important key to success. When you are empathetic to your clients and lead with compassion, you’re reflecting your personal values and therefore the values of your brand. Your market isn’t just for anyone who needs what you have, it’s for the specific clients that share your values and appreciates the benefits you have to offer.

Find your people by talking to them, understanding them and asking them how they would describe your work. Then use the words they are using in your branding and marketing messages, because odds are, the person reading these messages will feel heard and seen. This is the best way to get connective and empathetic messaging because you’re seeking to understand things from the customers point of view. The actions of you as a person interacting with your customer, is what will make or break your brand.

To help us better understand how to harness the value of compassion - I’ve brought on brand strategist, author, and speaker Maria Ross.

Maria crafted branding and marketing strategies for Silicon Valley start-ups, global software firms, Internet companies, and consumer businesses and created communication and training strategies for Fortune 1000 clients at Accenture. She is an accomplished brand strategist, author, speaker, and actress. She earned a B.S in Marketing and a minor in Spanish from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has been a frequent guest writer for many business and lifestyle publications, such as, The Huffington Post, OPEN Forum, MarketingProfs, Seattle Business, Columbus CEO, IntoWine and Life By Me - as well as being featured in outlets such as MSNBC, ABC News, NPR, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Learn how to demonstrate empathy in your business - by downloading this episode now.

“It’s the actions of you as a person, interacting with a customer, that makes or breaks your brand.” - Maria Ross

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  • Cash-flow, creativity, and compassion are not mutually exclusive.

  • Find your people and understand them by talking to your ideal customer and persona, then use their words in your sales and marketing messages.

  • Brand is expressed three ways - visually, verbally, and experientially.

  • Align your values and humanize the work relationship.

  • The future is automated, the only thing that will differentiate your business is the personal touch.

  • When customers feel like you have their back, they’ll have yours. They will cut you slack and be more forgiving.

  • Live out your brand in the way you do business so that people get a consistent message.

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