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Marissa Polselli - LinkedIn for Personal Brands

Overwhelmed in a world with endless channels to promote our business, describe our vision, and connect with other people, it’s hard to know where to start. LinkedIn is not your mother’s LinkedIn anymore - you’ve been thinking about it all wrong! It has evolved into a storytelling platform, the perfect place for personal brand professionals, and a space that is designed to facilitate a deep connection to your personal brand story.

It’s important to not just focus on your job position or title. LinkedIn’s power lies in that it is searchable, but most people are not looking for a CEO or founder. Instead, talk about who you are, who you’re for, and how you make an impact. Use LinkedIn as a way for your ideal audience to get to know you and trust you as the person that will solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

To dive deeper into leveraging LinkedIn as an unparalleled storytelling platform - I’ve brought on writer, speaker, and educator, Marissa Polselli.

Marissa Polselli is a speaker, educator, and writer, whose love of words began with her first library card at age six. The founder and CEO of Wordtree and creator of the HeartSmart™ Writing Method, Marissa draws on 18 years of teaching experience, 10 years guiding student journalists, 5 years in the corporate world, and a lifelong love affair with words to empower people to claim their voice. She specializes in connecting people with the power of words in workshops, speaking engagements, and her online mini-series The Power of Women Using Their Voices.

Learn more about how to use LinkedIn to your advantage - by downloading this episode now.

“If you are your brand, this is tailor made for you.” -Marissa Polselli

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  • LinkedIn is an integral storytelling platform for personal brand professionals.

  • LinkedIn is not just for job searching or recruiting so focus more on who you are and your impact, rather than your position or title.

  • There are different sections and elements to your page that support the storytelling aspect.

  • Your headline should answer - who you are, who you’re for, and how you make an impact.

  • None of this is meant to be static - change it up every so often, keep it fresh and dynamic.

  • Make sure you carefully curate what you share or post so that it is true to what you believe in, from a brand or business that you stand behind.

  • LinkedIn is an opportunity to try harder and make better personal connections.

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