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Michelle Tillis Lederman - Build Real Relationships, Get Real Results

Networking is arguably one of the most important skills in business but it can be extremely intimidating to build connections. No matter how hard you try, you cannot force anyone to like you. Instead, you have to first like yourself, and then be willing to share yourself with others so that they can see what is uniquely likable about you. Likability is the foundation of connection and from there you can become a successful connector by adopting these seven mindsets - being open and accepting, having a clear vision, believing in abundance, establishing trust, being social and curious, being conscientious and having a generous spirit.

Becoming a better connector breeds faster, easier, and better results in whatever it is you are trying to do. There are tangible benefits such as increasing referrals, because people would rather work with someone they know and these relationships will win you the business every time. Part of being the most advanced connector comes from the mindset of having a generous spirit and is to not only respond but to initiate. If you’re having trouble finding the time, allocate for one phone call or one email a week, devoted to connecting. If you’re intimidated, ask permission before agreeing to initiate the connection - just be sure to always follow up and follow through.

To help us better understand the seven mindsets of connectors and adopt those tendencies - I’ve brought on coach, author, speaker and trainer Michelle Tillis Lederman.

An expert on workplace communications and relationships, Michelle’s mission is to help people work together and advance their individual impact. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books. Named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts and also a former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA. She teaches from experience and shares what she learned during her extensive career. Michelle’s clients range from government to academia to non-profit to Fortune 500 companies.

Learn how to work better together and advance your individual impact - by downloading this episode now.

You will get the business because of the relationship.” - Michelle Tillis Lederman

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  • Anybody can be a connector if you understand how to adopt and implement the seven mindsets.

  • Look for multiple channels to connect with somebody and recognize that technology is in your favor.

  • The foundation of connection is likability. Find what you like about yourself and be open with others so they can see those qualities.

  • Initiate connections without feeling like you're limiting your own opportunities. See others as potential collaborators instead of competitors.

  • Having empathy controls our natural tendencies to judge and draw conclusions. Slow down your thinking and stay in a place of curiosity, not conclusion.

  • There are tangible results to becoming better connectors; 92% of people trust referrals.

  • Do what you say you are going to do. Be careful what you say yes to and be willing to say no.

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