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Naz Beheshti - Step Into Being the CEO of Your Own Well-Being

Are you the CEO of your own well-being? If not, you should be. In the busy hustle and bustle of running a small business and being an entrepreneur, self-care can sometimes get pushed to the side. My guest today is here to talk about why we need to prioritize self-care to do our best work, and she shares a step-by-step approach on how to do so in order to live our best life and do our best work.

Naz Beheshti is the author of Pause. Breathe. Choose.: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being. She is super excited about the release of her new book. In it, she presents a framework to fulfill our highest potential in all aspects of our lives. She learned many of the lessons in the book from her first boss right after college. She was the executive assistant for Steve Jobs. These valuable lessons help her create a holistic method for living her best life, and she’s been using these methods with her clients for the past 10 years.

Naz is the CEO and founder of Prananaz, an executive wellness coach and consultant, and a speaker and writer. She has over a decade of experience in tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Her corporate wellness company Prananaz has helped improve leadership effectiveness and employee wellness at companies like Nike, JPMorgan Chase, and Stanford University. We chat about how to prioritize wellness, types of stress, and many of the principles in her book.

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Naz Beheshti thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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[03:18] Naz is really excited about the launch of her first book, Pause. Breathe. Choose.: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being.

[03:37] She gets to share her effective method on how to live your best life on a larger scale.

[04:38] Naz worked with Steve Jobs right out of college as his executive assistant. He embodied well-being and running a successful company. She had to work hard to provide the excellence that he demanded.

[07:13] The inner work that we need to do is a better mindset. It all starts within. We need intrinsic motivation before we change our behavior.

[10:46] Daily consistency is important. Ten minutes is better than zero minutes.

[13:01] Advice for leaders includes shifting from a should mindset to a must mindset and prioritizing. Make time and block it off in your calendar. You are just as important as anything else on your calendar.

[16:12] Naz's book includes the seven A's. Adopt is for adopting a healthy lifestyle and achieving your highest potential. Allocate, play and recovery time is all about rebooting your mind, body and creativity.

[19:41] Avoid is about avoiding unnecessary stress. It's about taking preventive measures to avoid chronic stress.

[19:58] Alter the situation is about making a change to attain a better outcome. Adapt to the stressor is understanding the bigger picture to gain perspective. Accepting what you cannot change helps you have greater peace of mind.

[20:22] Attend to connection is about cultivating meaningful relationships and limitless possibilities.

[21:17] The three types of stress include acute, chronic stress, and which is the productive and positive stress.

[24:25] A sign of chronic stress is lasting for more than six months and having a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It feels like an unresolved stress.

[25:26] The three p's include pain which we all experienced differently. Prana stands for vital life energy. It's the vehicle that gets us from pain to purpose. We are energized when prana is flowing freely. Purpose can be seen as our daily intentions and our life's mission.

[27:27] Pranayama is a very effective way to align your chakras and release negativity and toxins. Getting more oxygen to your brain really helps energize you.

[32:04] The MAP Method is a holistic framework to navigate your mindful journey. The MAP is an acronym for master mindfulness, apply better choices to manage stress and create resilience, and the P stands for promote yourself to CEO of your well-being.

[34:18] It's about work-life engagement and being engaged in all areas of your life. Naz takes a holistic approach.

[36:30] COVID has helped elevate the importance of mental health.

[39:43] Hindsight allows us to look back and connect the dots and find the meaning in our past experiences.

[40:04] We learn more about NAZ in the Rapid Round including how she starts her day and an important action step for well being.

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