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Riaz Meghji - Creating Intentional Connections Through Meaningful Conversation

Creating connection has always been important, but in today’s world with virtual communication it’s especially relevant. Do you ever take the time to think about the impact of your words? Is making every conversation count a priority for you? I have a guest today that is an expert communicator who values the importance of creating intentional connections through meaningful conversation.

Riaz Meghji is the author of Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection that Build Extraordinary Relationships. He is an accomplished broadcaster with 17 years of television hosting experience. His on-camera experience taught him the power of candid conversation and how to put it into practice. He has hosted for MTV Canada, CTV News, TEDxVancouver, and more. He’s also a human connection keynote speaker.

In today’s conversation, we get to learn what Riaz is excited about now. He also shares his five proven methods for making people feel famous or heard and valued. He values the opportunity to explore and learn something new when having conversations with others. We talk about how to make someone feel appreciated and the importance of building trust.

Riaz shares the importance of documenting conversations and how that information can be a valuable tool to further the relationship when building intentional connections. This entire conversation is a valuable reminder on how to treat people and make them feel special and the rewards that are received by both parties in the conversation.

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Riaz Meghji thank you so much for being here!

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[02:43] Riaz is excited about reconnecting with people in 2021. He's going to focus on intentional connection as opposed to being on autopilot while going about his daily life.

[04:58] We talk about taking the opportunity to explore and discover something new through conversation and intentional connections.

[05:31] Riaz wants to understand the impact he has and be open to learn from others. He was fortunate enough to do this in broadcasting for 17 years. Now he's lucky enough to spread his ideas by writing about them.

[06:38] Most of us are now learning how to create a profound connection while looking into a web camera.

[07:00] Skills that have served Riaz include knowing to forget about himself. Turn the camera off and look into the lens like you are speaking to one person. He asks how he can cultivate a service mentality.

[09:28] Speak in singular in a virtual world or on stage.

[11:19] There's an opportunity to create a deeper connection in a virtual space, because every audience member has a front row seat to what you are saying.

[12:26] Engage with people right out of the gate with a question.

[14:57] People want candid moments through the camera.

[17:32] Always make people feel famous. Riaz has interviewed thousands of guests over the years. Everyone wants a champion in their corner. People want to feel recognized, appreciated, and valued.

[18:14] Making someone feel appreciated comes down to the power of praise. Make it specific.

[20:32] Riaz has five tips to make people feel famous. The first one is to document their details. People give you clues as to who they are. Documenting and remembering something important about a person creates respect and trust.

[25:01] Take notes and write down three things about the person that you can reference later.

[27:11] Tip number two is remember their name. Riaz shares a story about the importance of remembering people's names. A tip is to focus, comment, and employ. Use their name three times in the first conversation.

[31:20] Give them access. People love the behind the scenes things the best. Use social media and pull back the curtain.

[37:34] Show unsolicited appreciation. Surprise someone with appreciation when it's not expected.

[39:48] Shift your brain with the three words I get to. Start your day with three things that you are grateful for. Operate from a place of gratitude not obligation.

[44:03] We have the power to teach, inspire, or destroy a person. It's a choice what we do.

[44:51] Riaz absolutely rocks the Rapid Round.

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