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Scott Shute - Mindfulness and Compassion to Grow Your Business

What do mindfulness and compassion have to do with the workplace? Turns out, a lot. Scott Shute is the head of mindfulness and compassion at LinkedIn. Mindfulness has always been important to Scott. He’s been meditating since he was 13 years old and feels strongly about the importance of mindfulness.

He’s also been at LinkedIn for 8 and 1/2 years. He didn't always have the amazing title of head of mindfulness and compassion, but he was able to create a position that completely aligned with his goals and purpose and with the people oriented focus of LinkedIn. Scott is also the author of The Full Body Yes: Change Your Work and Your World from the Inside Out.

We have a great conversation where we talk about what The Full Body Yes actually means and how LinkedIn is redefining the importance of people and members. Scott's book is a series of stories from his life and the lessons that he's learned. In this show, he shares some of those lessons and some of his life experiences. We talk about learning to trust your gut, shifting your perspective, and so much more.

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Scott Shute thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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[02:14] Scott is really excited about his new found personal practice. He traded commuting time for meditating time, and now his practice is more regular than ever.

[03:04] At LinkedIn, Scott is the head of mindfulness and compassion. He's been meditating since he was 13. He's been at LinkedIn for about eight and a half years. He wanted to bring mindfulness to work and started leading one meditation class.

[05:24] His job is mainstreaming mindfulness and optimizing compassion.

[06:58] LinkedIn has an amazing culture, and Scott is helping it to grow. They do everything they can to help their employees including mindfulness. Mental exercises keep us at our best.

[07:46] Compassion also shows up in everything they do. It's about how they treat each other.

[09:36] Scott shares how customer impact and member experience is first in product development.

[12:07] For Scott, The Full Body Yes means every atom of his being is aligned to something. It's when you have a deep knowing that this is the right thing to do.

[14:57] Scott shares a decision-making technique. Our bodies know at a deeper level than our mind.

[17:02] When we doubt ourselves the mind is getting in the way.

[18:27] We need to learn to trust our gut and trust our bodies to know what's right.

[21:01] Being able to shift your perspective from life is happening to you to life is happening for you makes life much more powerful.

[24:08] As a divine individual, how can you move from life happening to you to life happening through you?

[26:27] Scott shares how he learned to appreciate things that are just for him. He didn't always need external validation.

[30:30] Time can be a killer of our good intentions.

[34:42] LinkedIn employees are more important to the company's success than ever. The power of work is being put into the hands of workers. They are trying to move beyond white collar workers to all workers.

[37:46] Scott defines compassion as having an awareness for others, a mindset of wishing the best for them, and the courage to take action.

[43:21] Scott goes back to his practice and more in the Rapid Round. He also issues a gratitude challenge.

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