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Thane Ringler - Believing in Hope and Good Possibilities

Having hope and thinking and talking to ourselves in a way that creates positive thoughts and actions is important for success in life and business. Being hopeful and positive is crucial for the mindset of entrepreneurs. Today’s focus is all about retraining our minds to think in a more hopeful way. My guest is Thane Marcus Ringler. He’s an athlete, entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and a super impressive guy.

Thane is the author of Catalysts for Hope, a book all about unlocking our ability to generate hope when it seems like there is no hope left. We get to learn about the four perspectives that allow us to open up our ability to lead hope-fueled lives. I talk with Thane about how these really do have a profound effect especially for entrepreneurs. We talk about the differences between impossible and improbable, imposter syndrome, and how to avoid limiting ourselves with our own thoughts.

Catalysts for Hope is Thanes second book after From Here to There. Thane began his career as a professional golfer. He’s competed all over the world with some of the world’s best golfers. After three years in the pros, he was bothered by a persistent injury. While healing, he started a podcast and began writing about what golf teaches us in life. His book eventually turned into a book about the pursuit of mastery.

Thane is now an entrepreneur, speaker, and life development coach. He focuses on clarity of vision, goals, self-awareness, and self-empowerment. His vision is about having a purpose for the greater good and sharing it with others like he does on this episode today.

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Thane Ringler thank you so much for being here!

Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.

Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world.

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[02:23] Thane is excited about his two new online courses on self-awareness and developing discipline. They are launched and live, and he is super grateful.

[04:10] Thane explains the differences between hope and possibility. The future is full of possibilities that could be either positive or negative. We need to train our minds to imagine a positive outcome.

[08:26] We can improve our outcomes by believing in hope and the positive possibilities that could come.

[11:11] There are very few things definitely defined in the future. Things we say can unlock a subconscious reality.

[13:10] Entrepreneurs are constantly in the process of arriving at their destination. We need to describe the positive, because each moment is different from the rest.

[14:35] Pay attention to the way you speak daily. Do you speak in terms that are hopeful? Are your definitions open and descriptive?

[16:55] Should is a guilt and shame written word. Saying should is like saying that we're not living up to our expectations and desires.

[20:02] If we don't accept our feelings where they are, they will perpetuate. If we don't accept things, we won't be able to improve or remedy the gap. Accept where you're at and work on the person you want to become.

[21:45] The four catalysts include process. We are always in the process, because there is always more to come which unlocks so much hope.

[22:04] Progress. We can keep making forward progress no matter where we're at. Progress is made one step at a time, and we have a chance to make a step everyday.

[25:17] Possibility. Lean into the potential you have. If we only think in probability, we limit ourselves. We have more possibilities than we can easily grasp. Know the distinction between the impossible and the improbable.

[31:37] Fear of failure and full commitment is one of our biggest obstacles. Think of imposter syndrome. Don't set yourself up for failure by giving yourself an out.

[32:11] Purpose. Having a purpose greater than yourself will give you the most fuel of hope. It's our job to live aligned with our purpose. Full integration sets us up for success.

[35:02] Making a difference or a positive impact. We can make a difference every day by showing kindness. We gain more joy from giving than receiving.

[39:46] Motivation pushes us forward. Realizing that we are making a difference in another person's life definitely increases motivation.

[40:33] Thane tackles the rapid round. We learn his one consistent habit and more.

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